’90 percent of delivery is at 145 km / h’: Pace legend says Umran is ready for IND debut | Cricket

Sunrisers Hyderabad Pacer Umran Malik turned heads at his fast pace at the 2022 IPL. The 21-year-old fast-paced has picked up 15 gates from 10 matches, but most of all, the speed he creates is what made him famous in the current edition of the Indian Premier League. It was only in his second IPL season that Umran stepped up and achieved the fastest result of the season, reaching 157 km / h against the Delhi Capitals. He picked up a five-pass catch, shaking the Gujarat Titans with 5/25 numbers and the troubled Kolkata Knight Riders with 4/28 matches, including three wickets in the final over.

With each outing, there is a growing desire for Umran to join the Indian team. Former England captain Kevin Pietersen and many others believe Umran should enter the Indian team quickly, and Harbhajan Singh even said SRH fast should partner Jasprit Bumrah with a new ball at the T20 World Cup. He is joined by another legendary bowler, former South African Dale Steyn, who also believes Umran is ready to play international cricket for India.

“He’s a completely fast bowler. Above 90 percent of his deliveries are around 142 to 145 km / h – I’m telling you he’s constantly looking for pace. That’s why hitters think differently in the way they approach him and where they hit him … That’s why he picked up the door.The message to him is to make things simple. [Just] stay upright, watch how you attack stumps, use a bouncer, be smart when you want to change the pace and throw the ball to your field, ”Steyn told The Week.

Steyn was Umran’s mentor and led him well. Umran has occasionally leaked, but the pace of the youngster is such that Steyn is confident that any international team in the world would want to have talent like Malik in their ranks.

“How India uses him depends on them, but he is certainly capable of playing international cricket. One guy is constantly bowling 150km / h; I think every international team will want him. The key is how and where you use him,” Steyn.

He died young and as a young fast bowler, the biggest concern is that the player is prone to injuries. Umran has been in good shape so far despite turning on the speedometer, and has acted quite comfortable in all the games he has played. Still, Steyn has a word of caution for Umran if he is selected to the Indian team.

“The challenge will be to keep up the pace and avoid injury.”[No need to] try anything too different, stick to what you know and what suits you, ”Steyn said.“ The moment you start introducing different things into your body, maybe at the gym or bowling, then injuries creep in. Because to him, it’s about managing what he does. “


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