After an amazing F1 season, did she have to end up like this?

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates – The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the last race of the exciting 2021 Formula One season., ended many hours ago. But the result will not be known for days or even weeks.

Was that inevitable the 2021 Formula One season should be decided in the steward’s room, and if the International Court of Appeals does not do so? Maybe. But it was not inevitable that neither the team nor the driver would be the catalyst.

All the additions this weekend were about the possibility of a collision or behavior that was “unsportsmanlike” aimed at influencing the outcome of the championship.

That conversation came as a result of a warning from FIA race director Michael Masi to both drivers in his pre-race event notes. The irony is that you can say that it is now Masi who has influenced the outcome in a way that was not sporting.

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