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Max Verstappen’s binary season continued in Miami. In the six races so far – including the Imola sprint – he has either won or withdrawn each time.

This was his 23rd win of his career in Formula 1, an achievement that puts him on par with Nico Rosberg and three-time world champion Nelson Piquet.

Verstappen added the fastest lap for his second consecutive maximum catch in the championship, although this weekend he was 26 points instead of 34. He now has 18 fastest laps, the same as David Coulthard.

This was also Verstappen’s 63rd appearance on the podium, which again knocked him out of the draw with Coulthard. At 24, he is now among the top 10 drivers with the most podiums in his career. Half of the top 10 are currently racing in Formula 1, including record-breakers Lewis Hamilton (183), Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Valtteri Bottas.

Verstappen is among the top 10 podium winners in F1

While Verstappen drew at a distance from Charles Leclerc in the driving championship, the fight for the constructors’ title is even closer. Red Bull, who scored nothing in the first race of the year, are now just six points behind Ferrari. It’s been nine years since Red Bull last won the team title, five years after Ferrari’s last triumph.

Leclerc took his third pole position of the season, but, for the first time this year, failed to turn it into a win. He was 12th in his career, which put him on par with Coulthard (what about him this week?) And Gerhard Berger.

After taking an unpromising 12th place, George Russell continued his run of the top five. It was a day for unexpected results as Esteban Ocon finished eighth on the net and Lance Stroll inherited the final point after starting out of the pit lane.

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Stroll’s promotion came at the expense of Fernando Alonso. After problems with reliability at the Jeddah race and the qualifying session in Melbourne, then the damage caused by Mick Schumacher’s car in Imola, Alpine needed a change of luck last weekend.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Miami International Autodrome, 2022
Leclerc set the pace in Miami

Instead, he was the architect of his own death, collecting two penalties in one race. While Ocon collected 24 championship points, Alonso left only two without a goal for the fourth consecutive goal. There are more penalty points – five – at this early stage of the season.

The Miami International Autodrome became the 76th different track to host the World Cup round and the 11th different track on which F1 raced in America. The U.S. had more different terrains than any other country, and will win 12th next year, when the F1 races on a new street track in Las Vegas.

With its pole position lap of 1’28,796, averaging 219,415 km / h, Leclerc established the first benchmark for the lap. It’s a little less than the pre-race projection that the speeds in the lap could surpass Imola, and it was slower than Jeddah and the restored Albert Park track, but it was 4km per hour more than Leclerc’s lap from Bahrain.

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