Alpine wants a ‘fairer’ Spanish GP after fearing Alonso for a penalty

Alpine has issued a statement on behalf of its CEO Laurent Rossi who wants a “fairer” Formula 1 weekend for the Spanish Grand Prix after expressing frustration over the sentencing of Fernando Alonso in Miami.

Alonso finished eighth on the road in Miami, but was initially ninth after a five-second penalty for punching Pierre Gasly, which Alonso accepted and apologized for.

But then he lost what was only his second point of the season after being awarded another five-second penalty, dropping to 11th place.

This was to skip the chicane in the 54th of the 57th lap and gain a lasting advantage. Alonso moved on to the second lap with such speed that he got a lot of time.

He recognized it immediately and after stepping out of the next turn on the penultimate straight, he raised his hand and audibly raised it as well – which Rossi, he says, should have been enough to avoid a penalty.

In a statement issued by Alpine on Wednesday after the race, Rossi expressed clear frustration that the “disappointing” sanction cost his team “deserved double points”.

“This is certainly difficult to accept because Fernando turned back time during the round and we were not able to present evidence to clarify the specific situation before the sentence was handed down,” Rossi said.

“With the opportunity to explain, we are very confident that Fernando would keep his ninth place.”

Rossi’s statement also included mentioning Esteban Ocon who had to miss the qualifiers after falling in final training.

Ocon hit an uncovered concrete wall in FP3 and cracked its chassis, less than 24 hours after Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz crashed in the same spot, and the FIA ​​turned down requests to put a Tecpro barrier in place.

Esteban Ocon Alpine F1 crashed

Rossi said that “with sufficient security measures” the damage would not be so great.

Following are comments from alpine team boss Otmar Szafnauer after the race calling for that to change for next year’s event.

Rossi’s statement, which hinted at another complaint about obstructing Alonso’s qualifiers and denying him a place in the top 10, concluded: “We will go to Spain again next weekend where we are determined to put together a much nicer and fairer racing weekend and demonstrate real the potential of our package. ”

Why was Alonso punished if he ‘brought back time’?

Fernando Alonso Alpine F1

At the time of the second offense, Alonso was running eighth on the road. He was chasing Valtteri Bottas ’Alfa Romeo and trying to get away from Mick Schumacher’s Haas.

Entering the slowest part of the track Alonso was two seconds behind Bottas and half a second ahead of Schumacher.

Crossing the chicane, Alonso inadvertently set the fastest middle sector of the race at the time and lagged behind Bottas by about 0.9s, while the gap with Schumacher increased by 1.0s – knocking him out of the DRS range.

Immediately afterwards, Schumacher found himself under attack by Alonso’s teammate Ocon.

Giving up on the flat side meant Alonso’s lag behind Bottas quickly grew back to 1.7s, while Schumacher came in just 1.2s.

The available time information shows that he did not return all the time obtained, even if it was only a few tenths of a second.

And after passing through finish eighth on the road, his original five-second penalty dropped him to ninth place – 0.237s ahead of Williams driver Alex Albon.

So while it may seem harsh to have such a short time to face a five-second penalty, there is an obvious argument that Alonso has maintained a lasting advantage.

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