Amid rumors of a rift, CSK executive says Jadeja released ‘on medical advice’

Chennai Super Kings have been released Ravindra Jadeja, and the versatile returns home. Said franchise CEO Kasi Viswanathan Indian Express that this was done solely “on medical advice” after a rib injury excluded Jade from the rest of the IPL. CSK, with eight points, has three more group league matches left in the tournament.

On Wednesday, CSK’s Instagram user reportedly stopped following Jade, sparking rumors of a rift that there was something wrong between the player and the franchise. Jadeja relinquished his CSK captaincy in the middle of the season after his team got off to a bad start in the tournament. And although Viswanathan insisted there were no repercussions, some of Jadeja’s teammates hinted at disagreement as they spoke to the paper on condition of anonymity. According to them, Jadeja was not too happy with the way the change of captain went. Those who know say that the universalist thought that the process lacked transparency.

However, the executive director of CSK, in an interview with The Indian Express, insisted that Jadeja “remains firmly in the CSK’s scheme of things”.

“Social networks, I do not follow anything. I have no knowledge of what is going on there. What I can tell you is that there were no problems from the management side and whatever is on social media, I am not familiar with it. Jadeja remains firmly in CSK’s scheme of things for the future, always, ”he said.

As for the player’s injury, he said: “Jaddu had an injury during the game against RCB and after that he did not play the game against Delhi Capitals. According to the medical council, it was decided that he could no longer participate in this IPL and he was returning home. He was released. “

A CSK statement said: “Ravindra Jadeja reported a rib bruise and was unavailable for the Chennai Super Kings game against the Delhi Capitals on Sunday. He was under surveillance and, based on medical advice, was ruled out until the end of the IPL season. “

Ravindra Jadeja in pain during the IPL 2022 match (Screengrab)

On the eve of the season, CSK appointed Jade as the successor to MS Dhoni, first by keeping him for Rs 16 million, compared to Dhoni’s Rs 12 million, and then appointed him captain a few days before the start of the tournament. The idea was for the former skipper to become the mother of his heir, which would allow him to grow into a business. Jadeja was full of reverence for Dhoni and did not hesitate to rely heavily on the former captain for field decisions. But the poor start of CSK and Jadeja’s personal form prompted a reconsideration and the all-rounder returned the captaincy to Dhoni. A CSK press release read: “Ravindra Jadeja has decided to relinquish the captaincy in order to focus and concentrate more on his game and has asked MS Dhoni to lead CSK.

“MS Dhoni has agreed to lead CSK in the greater interest and to allow Jadeja to focus on his game.”

Dhoni spoke publicly about how the pressure of the captaincy affected Jadeja’s game. “I think Jadeja knew last season that he would be captain this year. The first two games I supervised his work and released him later. After that, I insisted that he would make his own decisions and take responsibility for them, ”he said in a post-match presentation, following CSK’s 13-round win over Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Dhoni added: “Once you become a captain, it means a lot of demands come. But it affected his mind as the tasks grew. I think the captaincy burdened his preparations and performances. “

Jadeja came to this IPL as the best all-rounder in the world, along with Ben Stokes. But the sum of 116 runs and five passes in 10 matches testifies to a serious decline in form. “You see, if you look, a lot of the big Indian players are also going through a tough time in this IPL. The form is temporary, the class is permanent. He may have been a little burdened as a captain, but we didn’t want to lose Jadeja, the player, “said Viswanathan.


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