‘Anthony Davis has no commercial value’: Stephen A Smith discusses why LeBron James and the Lakers will have to stay with AD

Will Anthony Davis stay at the Lakers? AD and the Lakers ’terrible season have led to numerous criticisms for both the player and the team.

With Davis spending most of his time at the doctor’s table, and other superstars like LeBron James also missing out on time, the Lakers struggled a lot in the 2021-22 season.

And not only that, the Purple-Golds had an irresistible supporting cast this season. While names on paper like Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard make a great group, age has definitely shown up in the regular season. Fighting defenses against faster and younger athletes, the Lakers had the worst defensive ratings in three years.

And the culmination of all these problems was Russell Westbrook. Coming in as the third superstar, Brodie was supposed to reduce the load on Bron and AD. In the middle of the season it was pretty obvious that Russ was not the answer, but left holes in the team. With such a horrible season, the future of the Lakers is very uncertain.

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Stephen A. Smith argues that the value of Anthony Davis is the lowest value of all time

The Lakers don’t really have young players on their team at the moment who can be changed. Entering the off-season, this leaves a team with limited capabilities. Replacing one of the big three seems like a logical choice for next season.

Analyst Stephen A. Smith in his recent episode of First Take recently expressed his opinion on the same. Although the veteran analyst was convinced that the Lakers’ LeBron James trade could be sustainable, the same cannot be said for Davis.

Speaking of the great man, Smith argued that the market value of an attacker of 6’10 ”is the lowest value of all time. “I know for sure from a number of executives I’ve talked to that you can’t get that much value for Anthony Davis because he’s constantly injured and not reliable in terms of health.”

Smith certainly has a great point here. Aside from his first season with the Lakers, AD was on the sidelines most of the time. Whether he’s missing time in the 2020-21 season or even this season, the Lakers ’struggles without Davis are pretty obvious.

If there’s any chance the Lakers will be competing next season, it should start with AD’s health. If Davis can finally perform in a talisman role and along with LBJ, Purple and Gold could have little chance of competing next season.

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