Can Karim Benzema break Cristiano Ronaldo’s record at Real Madrid?

Karim Benzema is just one goal away from tying with Raúl’s 323-goal record as Real Madrid’s second-best scorer, something he will achieve very soon as there are three more LaLiga Santander games to go, in addition to the Champions League final. he has 15 goals this season.

While we all know that Benzema will soon become the second top scorer in the history of Real Madrid, we cannot help but think about the chances that the Frenchman will break Cristiano Ronaldo’s record of 450 goals for Los Blancos.

Although the 451 is a tense figure, it is not beyond the limits of Karim Benzema’s ability to reach that figure, at least considering the type of season he has had.

43 goals in 43 games – that’s a crazy number. But let’s try to talk about all the factors, such as Benzema’s age, the number of years he will play for Real Madrid from now on and his goal-scoring rate when he starts to slow down (hopefully that won’t happen soon).

The final sum of Karim Benzema’s goals depends on how long he has been playing for Real Madrid

So Benzema is currently 34 years old. He will turn 35 in December, and his contract with Real Madrid expires in 2023 the club plans to extend his contract until 2024. This means favorite for the Golden Ball will remain at the club for at least two more seasons.

At the rate at which he is currently scoring, and bearing in mind that his performance will only decrease, he will surely cross the 400-goal mark by the end of the 2023-24 season.

If Real Madrid and Benzema eventually agree to continue this relationship after the 2023-24 season, I see they will stay until 2025. I don’t think Real Madrid will renew Benzema’s contract after the 2024-25 season, and I don’t. was ready to stay at Real Madrid. Karim Jaziri, a former agent of Karim Benzema, is to declare in 2021 that the desire of the latter is to one day return to Lyonthe club where it all started for him.

It’s also a little too much to expect Benzema to score 40-45 goals each season as long as he stays, although I’d ​​be a fool to doubt him. The 34-year-old has repeatedly shown that he is very capable of performing the unthinkable. As I said earlier, it would not be impossible for Benzema to pass by the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Perhaps the arrival of Kylian Mbappé, in the presence of the ever-improving Vinícius Júnior, who has played a big role in Benzema’s production of numbers this season, will lead to an increased performance in front of the goal compared to this season, or will at least remain similar. Only time can tell.

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Karim Benzema is already one of Real Madrid’s greatest players of all time, and if he can play long enough to surpass Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal, he could even surpass him to become Real Madrid’s greatest player ever. Amen to that!

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