CSK v. DC: He told MS Dhoni to hit the boundaries, not to push me in two

Chennai Super Kings all-rounder and all-time IPL player Dwayne Bravo joked about his partnership with MS Dhoni during CSK’s 91 races over the Delhi Capitals in the 55th game of the current season in Mumbai on Sunday, saying he was under stress from his knees as the captain forced him to run for the doubles.

Bravo fell into the bat in Chennai’s last substitution, facing a hat-trick ball against Anrich Nortje with just 3 balls to go. Bravo took one of the first balls he faced to prevent Nortje from getting his hat-trick and returning a shot to MS Dhoni who proactively hit 2 sixes and a limit in the first 6 balls he hit.

MS Dhoni.i Dwayne Bravo (Photo-IPL)

Dwayne Bravo wants MS Dhoni on strike

Dhoni was on fire Sunday as he led an attack on Delhi bowlers after Devon Conway (87) and Ruturaj Gaikwad (41) gave CSK their first 110-run grandstand.

MS Dhoni finished the inings without hitting the limit in the final over, but he pushed hard and ran between the gates like a young man to get two 2s and assist CSK with 208 on the board. the veteran all-rounder gasped for breath at the finish of the changes.

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni. (Photo: IPL)

Speaking after CSK’s blow prevailed over DC, Bravo reviewed his exciting discussion with MS Dhoni in the final inning.

“Well, for me it was a hat-trick ball. I wanted to make sure I went on strike. I told him to hit the boundaries, not to push me in two, ” Bravo told the official media.

“I told him after the changes‘ MS, 3 balls for again (if that situation happens again), let someone else go and run because I have to protect my tendons.

“But if he felt good hitting with a big one. I thought it was a great professional team show, it started with Ruth and Conway. The way they set up the game with their shot (it was good) and then we ended up with the ball as well. Every game we play we have to play like professionals and try to dominate. ”

I know my experience will pass me by: Dwayne Bravo

Bravo, 39, was in great form with the ball for CSK in the IPL 2022, scoring 16 goals in just 9 matches. Revealing an insight into how he is keeping up with his fitness and keeping himself new, the West Indies winger said he is careful not to get exhausted during preparations.

Dwayne Bravo
Dwayne Bravo. (Photo: IPL)

“I still feel fresh. I don’t let my age dictate how I play. I try to take care of my body and I try not to overload myself. Do a lot of massages, work out in the gym and also recover.

“I do everything necessary to stay in the park, I know that my experience will get me out. So I try not to overdo it with the balls on the exercises. Just try to execute correctly with yorkers and variations.

“I feel good, I’m happy to compete with the younger generation and new stars in the IPL,” Bravo added.

With a strong 91-round win, CSK moved up to eighth on the points table, making their Net Run Rate higher than 0. CSK has an outside chance to enter the playoffs, however Bravo said the four-time champions are not focusing on opportunities.

“Someone said it was 15 different scenarios. We don’t need to hear them, let’s focus on winning matches, it will by itself. We want to keep winning and finish this season strong, ” he added.

CSK will face its biggest rivals the Mumbai Indians on May 12 at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

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