‘Does he say the same about Rohit’: Matthew Hayden disagrees with Ravi Shastri | Cricket

The form of Virat Kohli has been plaguing the premier Indian dough for a long time. The talisman cricketer, who once ruled the charts in almost all formats, is struggling to amass large sums, and the current edition of the Indian Premier League has made matters worse. (IPL 2022 Full coverage)

Achieving an average of 19.64, the 33-year-old managed to make just 216 runs from 12 outings, and 53 balls 58 against the Gujarat Titans was his best.

Looking at Kohli’s poor run, many suggest a long break in the sport will help the 33-year-old return to form. Among those who have suggested the same, prominent names include former India coach Ravi Shastri and former MSK coach Prasad.

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While the focus was on Kohli, Rohit Sharma is another top Indian hitter who struggles to run. The Mumbai Indians captain has amassed 200 runs from 11 matches so far and has yet to break half a century.

So when commentator Harsha Bhogle sparked a debate about Kohli needing a break during the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad, Matthew Hayden had a completely different view of it.

The question was asked by Bhogle after Kohli was fired for a golden duck, for the third time this season.

It was during RCB’s second bidding, Bhogle spoke about Shastri’s point and asked fellow commentators Hayden and Sunil Gavaskar to share their views on it.

Responding to that, Hayden said: “Does he (Ravi Shastri) say the same about Rohit Sharma? I mean, these guys play cricket all the time, of course these tournaments come so fast that you get into mental space and Kohli was brilliant at that already so many years, so animated, so passionate. If you give up on it just for a moment and you’re under pressure, “Hayden said on the air.

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“It takes so much courage, no player ever believes he can go to the menu and say, ‘sorry, I have to be out’ because you want to play, you want to be the person to take control of the changes. It’s so frustrating when you get into a little rut that you can’t find exits. Sometimes it can be an explosive mask, a great move or in the case of Virat Kohli, just one or two fantastic with firm and positive body language like David Warner, ”he added.

“The only reason I mentioned it, Ravi and Virat have known each other so well in the last 3-4 years, they’ve run a lot of campaigns together, they’ve been very good at test cricket. He knows the inner mind,” Bhogle replied to Hayden

Gavaskar then joined the conversation and said, “As long as a break doesn’t mean you’re missing India’s matches. Indian matches have to be number one every time, so simple.”


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