Eduardo Camavinga is already a world-class midfielder

When Real Madrid signed Eduardo Camaving for 30 million euros from Rennes in the summer transfer window, the Madrid players knew they were getting cheap. But not even many fans could have predicted how quickly Camavinga would establish itself as the highest level of football.

It’s one thing to hold on as a 16-year-old in a league game against PSG. It’s another help to score goals for the winners and a safe return to the Champions League against teams that have won – or are currently in the process of winning – league titles.

We first saw this ability changing the Champions League game since Camavinga against Serie A champions Inter Milan when Camavinga assisted Rodrygo Goes to win the match as a substitute.

But the deepest performances were knockouts in the Champions League. Camavinga was involved in watching Real’s 3-1 win over PSG in their first Remontada. He was also on the field for both wins over Chelsea, including a vital 47 minutes in a rematch at the Bernabeu. Camavinga was huge in that match, showing the coolness on the ball and the energy that allowed Real to make it to the semifinals. It was a match that 100 percent earned the trust of Carlo Ancelotti.

Eduardo Camavinga was one of the best players on the field against Manchester City

And then this Wednesday night against Manchester City Camaving made it again. He made another show of the highest order against one of the best teams in the world – an even better team, I might add, looking at the Premier League table – with four calculations in 46 minutes and the transfer that led to the penalty for Karim Benzema’s victory.

Camavinga could not be played. He made a few inches of perfect grips and was always close to retrieving the ball, supporting his teammates with the acclaimed “KCM” off the field. Camavinga was as sober on the ball as against Chelsea, making no mistake and cool-headed to pull out fouls, waste time or find a way to help his team retain possession.

A multi-star in the midfield of Real Madrid, outplaying the elite teams at the end of the Champions League knockout matches, Camavinga proved that, although he is not a permanent starter of Los Merengues, he is already at the world level.

We define world class as a player who is among the best in the world in his business. And by being a star in multiple Remontades, fulfilling a number of commitments in these successful returns, Camavinaga has confirmed its world-class status. At the age of 19.

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Forget his inexperience or backup role. When we look only at the quality of his performances, Camavinga is there with anyone in the midfield in European football. He is not the BEST – not at all. We are not discussing that. But he is AMONG the best. I’m sure Chelsea and Manchester City midfielders would agree – even if it’s an awkward deal – that Camavinga is now at this level in football. Madrid players certainly recognize this and are grateful to have had the opportunity to watch this young man shine at the Bernabeu for the next decade.

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