Every word Mikel Arteta said about Jesus, transfer plans, the Champions League and the North London derby

What is your latest news for the team ahead of the match with Tottenham?

Thomas [Partey] it’s still out there, Kieran [Tierney] she’s still out there with Ben [White] he is still in doubt, we need to evaluate him and see how he feels, which is much better. With Bukay [Saka] that’s the same.

How do you rate the prospects of White and Sake for the performance?

It’s very hard to assess injuries, they just feel that way today, it’s the last day we can assess them and try to get a feel, essentially.

What do you think about the challenge ahead?

It’s probably the most exciting. But we had others when we played the final against Chelsea and Liverpool in the FA Cup and Community Shield, it was the same. When you have the opportunity to achieve some of your goals in the season, you can’t wait to play the game because this is a job, and the job you did during the season you try to earn.

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Would that be a better way to achieve that away from Tottenham?

The message is clear, if we win against them we go to the Champions League next season. You don’t need any motivation or tell them anything more than that. The opportunity is there, we will play and go for it as always. That is how we came to this position and that is how we will approach it.

Thinking of signing Manchester City with Erling Haaland?

We expect that each team will get stronger every year and get better. This has been the case especially in the last three or four years and one can see the standard and level of top teams in the league, which is unprecedented in the history of the Premier League and that is the level. It will only get harder and harder. All we plan is to try to get to that level.

Guessing about Gabriel Jesus?

You know I’m not talking about players who aren’t with us.

Have an employee who speaks to the team before Tottenham’s home game?

We try to approach every game emotionally and in the best way, with moments and people who can better describe than me what the game means, or in a different way than me. We’re always trying to find the right way to get players in the right mindset to play the game they have to play that day.

What are you planning for this week?

Whatever we do is always [inside] or closed, and we will continue to do so.

Will it be a new experience in a full stadium for many players?

It’s different because the history of North London, we all know about it, and what it means to our fans. This will be followed by a football field with a lot of noise and an audience that will enthusiastically support their team, and we will have our fans certainly one hundred percent behind the team.

Is it better to win the North London derby as a player or a manager?

The winning factor is always the best feeling! He’s obviously different as a player and coach, but at every opportunity it’s not just about winning, but about how you win those matches and the experience you go through for 90 minutes, especially when you’re playing at home in front of your audience.

Thinking of a home North London derby earlier in the season?

I think a lot of moments defined the season, especially those that happened against Norwich at home and it was a turning point and then we went to Burnley and we managed to win and then we had that game that we capitalized on and went to the next one, but it was heavy. It’s a moment emotionally, that attachment to the fans helps to generate some moment, and at the time it certainly was.

How big is the game?

Well, we all know where we want to be and the competition we want to be involved in, and in order to be able to do that, we have to achieve what we want through the Premier League this season and the opportunity is now ahead of us.

Is it important to come back from the start of the season?

This is football. Things turn very fast, in both directions, and just be surrounded by good people, make sure you believe in what you do, be consistent with it and then, I think over time, things happened the way they have to happen, but in football, sometimes not. So, you also need that element of happiness, you need that element of support, and you need that ball to get into the net at the right time when you need it.

Encouraged by criticism?

Well, you have to be ready for that. This club is built on history and tells you that you have to be the best in the country and you have to win every competition you are involved in and we have to deal with that pressure and when you don’t give results it’s part of the job

Is qualifying for the Champions League like winning a trophy?

I’ve heard that quote many times now from various managers and I think Arsene was the first to say it because he could probably see what was going on in this league and how hard it is to achieve that. It was the way he described it and the way he felt, and I think that would be extremely important for the club.

Would this night be a competitive title game?

I hope that we will be able to have this conversation and that it can happen tomorrow, and then we will see what will happen and what the fans would like to do.

What is the way of thinking tomorrow?

For me, it’s more about excitement and opportunity, and when you have that in football, you have to go and deliver it and do it. That’s the way of thinking we all have for tomorrow.

Does it relieve pressure?

For me, again, it is not about pressure, but about the inner conviction that tomorrow is that day and that tomorrow we want to achieve what we have earned.

Pre-match preparations?

We always do this, just to prepare players for what they can expect, how they can cope in certain situations and try to get them to visualize the game before they play it. It will not be different for this game.

Is rearranging your game an advantage?

There are so many things that have happened during the season [makes it] very difficult to answer that question. What happened is a long time ago, and this is a game we have to play, and we haven’t decided in many other moments when we’re going to play games and when games are postponed, and we’re not for this opportunity either.

Are the Spurs stronger now?

I don’t know, let’s see tomorrow. It is true that that match was many months ago and we are much closer to the end, and the match gained a much different meaning due to the situation we are both in. [in].

Are you looking for an attacker for the summer?

I’m looking for strikers that we have on the team and that’s my focus. We have three games until the end and that is the only thing I focus on.

Did Edu talk to you about the away win at Tottenham?

Yes, we talked, not recently, but on many occasions about what they did that season, how they won it, and that’s great. That is why it is very important to have [ex players around] who have gone through things that this detachment has not yet been able to deliver. To share those experiences and help us.


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