‘For me it’s all here’: Tuchel ready to ‘dig’ and ‘suffer’ at Chelsea

It is a time of great changes in Chelsea, the era of Roman Abramovich ends (forcibly) after two decades and new ownership comes. And unfortunately, in that uncertainty, the results on the field began to suffer, with four defeats in our last ten games (and two draws), as we had all season before (not counting the League Cup finals decided by taking penalties).

Head coach Thomas Tuchel has reduced his frustrated figure as Chelsea constantly manages to invent new ways to lose or drop points through a wide range of individual and collective mistakes (including some of Tuchel himself), but he certainly doesn’t want to use that as an excuse to get out. In fact, he is willing to do whatever it takes to get back on the winning path and keep those winning paths as long as possible.

“I immerse myself in situations like this and try to come out with my team, my staff and my players. There is no other way. We are still in a very, very privileged position on the table and things are a little more awkward.

“Things have been going on for a long time where sometimes you wish‘ can’t we just now have a positive message for everyone ’. Elevator. But OK, if you don’t understand, you don’t understand. Just put your head down and go through it. Sometimes it’s like a football game that you have to suffer, suffer, suffer.

“The plan is to win matches, take care of the atmosphere and work ethic we have. Then we hope it will take a long time. “

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Unprecedented success was synonymous with the Abramovich era. As well as short-term and revolving doors in a managerial position. Obviously, method (s) worked. But chances are high that there will be a significant paradigm shift in the way the club operates without the pointless frivolous spending of a really wealthy football fanatic.

Ideally, this will allow us (force us) to introduce some more cohesive long-term planning, some of which we have started working on in the last few years. Of course, there is a danger in thinking too far into the future, and at the same time our need and ambition to remain among the best. Sure, it’s a tricky balance, but that’s why you need the best people in your club to make those decisions.

Tuchel has always approached the Chelsea business with a clairvoyance he rarely, if ever, sees from any of his predecessors, certainly in public. And that (is part of what) makes him the perfect manager who will continue to lead us into a new era.

“You have to be careful with long-term plans at Chelsea; you may end up that this is no longer your plan. So a long-term plan is two or three games – so maybe you live a long-term plan. That is more important than succeeding.

“It’s a high-level sport, we judge on a weekly basis. We depend on the results, on the atmosphere we create and live. For that you need your energy, your focus. You have to love where you are.

“I can only say for myself: everything is here.”

-Thomas Tuchel; source: PA Sport over FourFourTwo

That’s what we all say.

FC Chelsea training and UEFA Super Cup 2021 press conference

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