“He coached Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and the final when he was in Cleveland”: GM Warriors Bob Myers on Mike Brown replacing Steve Kerr

GM Warriors Bob Myers is sharing Steve Kerr’s health news, also addressing Mike Brown who has meanwhile taken over as head coach.

GSW avoided national embarrassment in the fifth game against the Grizzlies without Ja Moranta at home. The championship DNA list would come into play, pulling the strings at the last minute to get W home.

After the disappointing news that Gary Payton II was absent for 3-5 weeks due to an elbow fracture, it was announced that head coach Steve Kerr was positive for COVID-19.

It was a sad day for the Dubs, with Draymond Green losing his close friend and Michigan State teammate Adrian Payne in the shooting. Still, assistant coach Mike Brown, who has just been announced as the Sacramento Kings head coach, has replaced coach Kerr.

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During a recent appearance on 95.7 GameGM Bob Myers opened a series of questions related to the Warriors.

Bob Myers addresses Mike Brown who is stepping up amid Steve Kerr who is positive on COVID-19.

It was a double award for Warriors assistant coach Mike Brown, who has been named head coach twice in 24 hours. The former coach of the year, who has just signed a contract with the Kings as head coach, has been asked to replace coach Kerr, who was positive at COVID.

Brown has a flawless 12-0 lead as the Warriors head coach during the playoffs. The 52-year-old made an 11-0 run with Golden State during the 2017 playoffs as Kerr suffered complications from a back injury in 2015.

During the question and answer session, GM Myers looked back on Kerr’s health, and Brown became head coach.

“He (Kerr) is fine,” Myers said. “He wants to be a coach. We had a moment of recklessness after it was positive. That night I told him, ‘You just don’t want to be a playoff coach, do you?’

“Steve is fine,” Myers said. “She is not in danger or anything. It doesn’t feel 100 percent great, but it’s good, just like many people who hopefully have COVID – I think it’s a lot safer to get it now than it was without all the vaccines and everything. But we hope to return it soon. “

Brown, who took over as head coach, managed to escape embarrassment with the Dubs barely beating the visiting Grizzlies.

“I touched Mike Brown on the shoulder and said,‘ Don’t lose. You haven’t lost yet. ” Myers said. “Mike’s 12-0.”

“Mike didn’t show up that night with any inclination to coach the team,” Myers said. “He has a great way of communicating and has great leadership skills. These people are hard to replace. He has vast experience in the NBA League. He coached Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and in the finals when he was in Cleveland. It’s hard to replace. We will miss him, we will miss his wit, his personality. ”

Although Warriors fans eagerly await the return of coach Kerr, the team is in safe hands with Brown.

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