‘He dived bombed me’ – How the Gasly-Alonso clash in F1 led to Norris DNF

Alonso tried to dive inside Gasly in Turn 1 as the doubles battled for ninth place in lap 39, but the breakthrough resulted in a contact that ultimately destroyed both drivers in the afternoon.

Gasly made it clear that Alonso was guilty of the incident.

“Fernando just dived into me, rammed into me and broke the back right corner,” Gasly said after the race.

“He came to apologize, but unfortunately that will not give us back the points and it is a great pity.

“I am disappointed because it was a great afternoon. We had a brilliant start to crossing Lewis [Hamilton] in turn 1, running in P7 after that and we would have a big battle with Fernando, but he just went a step too far and unfortunately that ruined our race. ”

Meanwhile, Alonso, who handed down a five-second penalty that cost him points, admitted he was wrong when they merged.

“I narrowed the gap and I was very optimistic about moving with him,” the two-time world champion said.

“I touched Gasly again, I got a five-second penalty. I deserved it. I braked too late. We were ready to regain the position, but he was in boxing at the time, so I had to pay those five seconds.

“It was my fault, it happens to me sometimes. Mick [Schumacher] spun in Imola and destroyed my race. I destroyed Pierre’s race today so it was my fault.

“I’m sorry for him because I know how he feels and it’s not his fault.”

The dramatic conflict between Gasly and Norris brings the Safety Car

Gasly got in touch with Norris after re-entering the track side by side with the McLaren driver after a great moment on turn 7.

The pair marked the wheels with dramatic consequences. Norris turned violently into the barriers, forcing him to retreat into place after his right rear Pirelli was pulled from the edge.

Gasly explained that he was trying to continue the race, but said the damage caused in his earlier collision with Alons affected his management.

“We did another lap to see if we could continue, and the car was too damaged,” Gasly said.

“I couldn’t stay on the track, I couldn’t turn left anymore. I walked slowly after turning 7. All the cars passed, I tried to turn right to make room, and then Norris came over and cut my front left tire.

“I was so slow, I was just trying to squeeze the car as far to the right as I could. In the 8th turn, I turned right and he came and everything went pretty fast, but I was trying to make room for everyone, and he came and approached me and cut the front left side. ”

Norris initially suspected that Gasly was not fully aware that she was approaching him from the left.

“He flew off the trail, he had a lot of damage, in my opinion he just wandered a little to the left, the trail meandered to the right, he didn’t turn right,” Norris said.

“If he’s going to box, then he should get out of my way a lot more than he did. It’s hard.

“If he struggled to control the car, it’s life, I’m out of luck. Sometimes it happens in races. If it wasn’t so bad, he shouldn’t have wandered the track like he did.

“It looked like he was looking in his right mirror, not looking where I was on his left. I’m not sure, I don’t want to blame him, I’ll talk to him and see what he has to say. “

But Gasly eventually felt there was no reason to apologize to Norris.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” the Frenchman said when asked if he would apologize.

“I was trying to make room. He could probably go left. I turned right.

“You can check the boats, I don’t know where I could have gone, and I was slow obviously just trying to get back into boxing.

“Unfortunately for him because that’s not the way you want to end the race, but obviously it all started with Alonso crashing into us and smashing our car.”


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