‘His contribution to Indian cricket is huge and will never be forgotten’ – recalls Anjum Chopra of legendary coach Tarak Sinha | Cricket News

News of the celebrated cricket coach Tarak Sinha passed away in November last year at the age of 71 he sank the whole Indian cricket brotherhood in a state of mourning.
Sinha, who founded and ran the very famous and successful Sonnet cricket club in Delhi since 1969, has been a father figure to all his protégés. The legendary coach refined and honed the raw skills of a number of players who continued to play for the national and Indian national teams. Such as Surinder Khanna, Manoj Prabhakar, Ajay Sharma, Anjum ChopraAshish Nehra, Aakash Chopra, Atul Wassan, Shikhar Dhawan and Rishabh Pant, among others, were all Sinha’s coaches.
Over the years, Sinha, who worked at PGDAV College, University of Delhi when he founded the Sonet Club, his students and others affectionately called him ‘Ustaadji’.
One of his most famous protégés, former India captain Anjum Chopra recently guest-starred on the Sportscast podcast in the Times of India and recalled Tarak Sinha’s extraordinary contribution to Indian cricket, reiterating his sense that Sinha is more than a coach – he was a guardian who understood what it takes to work with talented young people, who are also in many ways just ordinary children.
“All the words you described Taraka, sir, he was everything – at least for me and I’m sure, whether it’s Rishabhu Panta or Aakash Chopri or Ashishu Nehri – he was that. His contribution to me as a cricketer, to me as a human being to become an all-round athlete, his contribution is enormous and will never be forgotten. Just the other day we were talking to a group of club cricketers and every word we said, every line we shared contained Raw’s name. His contribution can never be taken away. Said Anjum Chopra TOI Sportscast.
Sinha also served as the coach of the Indian senior women’s cricket team from 2001-2002. At that time, Anjum Chopra had just become the team captain. Anjum, who is currently commenting for IPL 2022, has very fond memories of Xinhu from an Indian tour of South Africa in 2002, when the Indian team won a historic one-off test.
“I led the Indian team in South Africa where we won the first test series in South Africa. That was in 2002, when I first became a captain. There were a few tactical decisions I had to make. Of course, this was in agreement with the coach of the Indian team, the late Mr. Tarak Sinha. It was a very nice team work. He led the front, as a leader, as a team coach. He gave me all the confidence and freedom to go out and make those decisions. That is exactly what went very well in our favor. The Indian team rarely knew how to score 400 runs in a test match, and we barely won anything overseas, so it all came together perfectly and we won. A few moments like this always remain in the memory, in a happy space. ” Anjum Chopra went on to say TOI Sportscast.
Tarak Sinha has coached cricketers for generations and touched the lives of many cricketers in one way or another. He received the prestigious Dronachary Award for long-term coaching service in 2018.
“The generations he touched, if we are able to justify his legacy and take his legacy forward – the current generation or he may not know him as a person after that, but our idea is such a good job that his work continues. Name and heritage must be transferred. He (Tarak Sinha) was such a factor in Indian cricket, he knew how to get the best out of a person. ” Anjum Chopra went on to say TOI Sportscast
Here you can listen to the entire episode of TOI Sportscast with Anjum Chopra in which she talks about her journey, the legacy of Tarak Sinha and the biggest points of conversation of IPL 2022.


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