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CHANDIGARH: Jalandhar city in Punjab has contributed a lot to Indian hockey.

While men’s and women’s hockey teams made history with their outstanding performances at the Tokyo Olympics, the two Jalandhar-based companies were key to their success as players held the hockey sticks they produced.

Rakshak Sports at Wariana Industrial Complex in Jalandhar delivered bespoke hockey sticks for six players – four in the women’s hockey team and two in the men’s team.

These players asked for a choice of mold and gave their own weight requirements for hockey sticks, said Sanjay Kohli, owner of Rakshak Sports in an interview with The New Indian Express.

“The captain of the Indian women’s hockey team Rani Rampal, who has been using our hockey for more than 10 years, asked us to engrave a map of India on her hockey stick. While Niki Pradhan wanted a green stick, Sharmila Rani’s choice was black and yellow Simranjeet Singh was also he preferred the black-and-yellow stick, “Kohli said.

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“The weight requirement varies from player to player – ranging between 535 grams, 540 grams and 550 grams. Also, the length requirement depends on the player’s style of play. As everyone gives their best, their sticks are customized – designed for them.”

Pooja Enterprises based in Jalandhar, which produces Alpha hockey sticks, sold hockey sticks to eight players of the men’s team and a similar number from the women’s team.

Savita, Sushila, Nisha Warsi, Deep Grace, Vandana, Udita, Rajni and Salima played with our hockey sticks. From the men’s team, captain Manpreet Singh, Shamsher Singh, Nilakanta, Gurjant Singh, Mandeep Singh, Amit Rohidas, Surinder Kumar, and Sreejesh carry our sticks, ”said Nitin, owner of Pooja Enterprises.

“All these composite sticks used by these players were produced by our company according to the player’s specification. Each of these ultra-light sticks costs around Rs 15,000,” he says.

A composite hockey stick used by any player takes two weeks to prepare and costs around Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000. “Each player took three to four sticks,” they added. “While a normal hockey stick costs between 900 and 15,000 Rs,” they said.

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After the Olympic bronze medal, the craze for hockey has multiplied. The two companies are now recording a boom in hockey stick sales of at least 30%.

In the midst of Covid’s darkness, the hockey industry now sees a glimmer of hope after the teams ’appearances at the Tokyo Olympics. Both Kohli and Jain said people are now talking about hockey and want their children to play hockey. “Once the pandemic is over, we hope that sales of hockey sticks will increase by at least 30%. We are receiving inquiries about sticks and we want the government to support us,” they added.


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