“I felt like we were exchanged for the Kings overnight”: Stephen Curry reacts to Mike Brown’s 12-0 playoff playoff record as Warriors coach

Double MVP Stephen Curry gives his witty response to learning of Mike Brown’s 12-0 playoff playoff record as GSW head coach.

There is no denying that the Warriors avoided national embarrassment in the fourth game of the Western Conference semifinals. Stephen Curry and who would have barely managed to beat the Grizzlies without And Morant at home. Both teams had a terrible performance from the line for 3 points.

While the Warriors shot with 24.3% off the bow, the Grizzlies were ineffective with 25.7%. The Dubs trailed for most of the game, except in the final minute, with Curry stepping out coming clutch time, performing all eight free throws with 45 seconds to go until the end of regulation.

Head coach Steve Kerr he was not present in the game because he was positive on COVID-19. It was a double bonus for the assistant coach Mike Brownwho not only stepped up in his role during the absence of coach Kerr, but was also named head coach of the Sacramento Kings.

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Brown improved his playoff record as Warriors head coach to 12-0. Still, the Dubs had one of their worst shooter games in history.

Stephen Curry separated us all with his response to Mike Brown’s 12-0 playoffs record as head coach.

The victory in GSW’s fourth game against the Grizzlies extended Brown’s impeccable record to 12-0. The newly appointed head coach of the Sacramento Kings had an 11-0 run with the Dubs during the 2017 playoffs as coach Kerr recovered from a severe back problem after surgery.

The Warriors were big at the time, and that was Kevin Durant’s first season in the Bay Area. Ultimately, Kerr would be back just in time for the finals, coaching his team in the Promised Land. Speaking of Brown’s affiliation with the GSW franchise, the former COY spent 6 years under Kerr’s leadership.

With the Warriors leading 3-1 in the series against the Grizzlies, three-time champion Steph Curry would improve on Brown’s 12-0 record. The Warriors guard had a ridiculous response when asked to comment on Brown’s 12-0 status.

“You are talking about a historically bad shot, he was twice appointed head coach for 24 hours. I felt like we were exchanged for the Kings overnight. I don’t know how to explain all this. We are obviously happy for him and his next performance. “

Curry’s comments once again show us the selflessness within the Warriors and how comfortable they are as a unit, always wishing each other well.

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