I wrote it all down in my diary: Sanja Samson recalls her interactions with Rahul Dravid

Sanju Samson looked like a man who had suffered too many ups and downs in his cricket career. From his debut for senior India at the age of 19, his return after five years, to his appointment as captain of Rajasthan Royal in the Indian Premier League (IPL), wicker player Sanja Samson talks about the upward trajectory of his career, but also failures in the Champions Breakfast Gaurav Kapoor.

After appointing Samson as his captain before the 2021 season, RR chose the player as its first retained player for a whopping 14 million Rs before the IPL 2022 mega auction.

The 27-year-old also talks about how he is the current coach of India Rahul Dravid he played an important role in his career and was also how he recorded every single conversation in his diary with the legendary Indian batter.

“One of the most special moments in my life, I beat there for two days (rehearsals), and I haven’t hit like that in my whole life. After each punch, a voice from behind would say, ‘Shot Sanju’, and that was real magic for me. Before the trial, he told me that you are doing well in the home circle, I am very excited to see you, “Samson recalled.

One of the greatest moments of his life was hitting with Rahul Dravid for the Royals in his debut IPL season.

“In my first or second match of the season, I lost one and Rahul opened it. I knew I had permission to hit, and I did it on the first ball by throwing in, which went for four. Then Mr. Rahul came and said, Sanja, don’t have a little time, a couple of balls and see what you can do. In the next ball, I hit the bumper line again, and then he said, keep going, ”Samson said.

In 2016, when Rahul Dravid moved to Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals) as a mentor, the stylized dough was bought by a franchise.

“Then after two years we moved to Delhi Daredevile, he was the coach of the team. together with me Karun Nair, Shreyas Iyer, Mayank Agarwaland Rishabh Pant were present. He told us all that you would play for the Indian national team which was special for every young man. I covered everything during those three to four years I spent with him, ”Samson said.

“Everything is still written in my notebook. After talking to him, I would go back to my room and quickly make a note of what he said, ”Samson added.

Sanju also talked about the time when he was kicked out of the Indian cricket team and revealed what all went through his head after that incident. He said: “After being kicked out of the Indian national cricket team at the age of 19, I doubted my cricket and I thought I could be kicked out of the national team as well.”

Samson has a childhood dream of hitting the late Shane Warne. The legendary cricketer died earlier this year at the age of 52. Samson’s dream came true in 2020, when Warne returned as a mentor for the Rajasthan Royals, and Samson asked him to make several deliveries.

“Whatever memories we have of Shane Warne, whatever days he spent in his life, it was super special. If you have spent an hour with him, you can take learning for life. He is such a personality (he was) and lived his 52 years of life as a king. His ideas were really top-notch, ”Samson said.

The Royals led by Sanja Samson are third in the table after six wins in ten games. He will team up with the Punjab Kings on May 7th.


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