Ian Healy – Chris Lynn has lost the lack of a Brisbane Heat

Ian Healy said the combination Chris Lynn the loss of pleasure in trying to pass the Brisbane Heat and the lack of player development around him were key components in the club’s breakup with the BBL’s record-breaking scorer.

Healy, director of Queensland Cricket who was part of the committee that decided Lynn not to offer a new contract, mentioned the history of failure by Heat after reaching the final with only one title back three times in 11 years back in the second season of BBL 2012-13.

In last season’s campaign disrupted by Covid, during which the Heat was one of the hardest hit teams, they finished in seventh place and Lynn finished with 215 runs to 17.91 from 12 games.

Healy insisted that these were the purely cricket reasons behind the move to end Lynn’s Heat career and believed it could help revive him, but admitted the striker still agrees.

“No behavioral or culture problems came into this at all,” Healy told reporters. “For me, the fact is that playing for the Brisbane Heat was not pleasant for Chris Lynn, and our players on the other hand didn’t grow, so they didn’t enjoy the relationship either. So that had to change.

“For example, Chris relies so much on a job of such high intensity – he tries to hit sixes from the ball exactly where you don’t want to put them – and then his form drops, he becomes a real task and an effort to find energy day by day. our team did not strengthen to support him well enough. “

Healy said it was time for Heat to build a new image more of a party that provided the entertainment factor with the strong focus needed on results.

“This is a sign that the Brisbane Heat is going more to win than to party,” he said. “It gives great pleasure to the fans. I don’t think the winning part came easily to us and neither side enjoyed the relationship last year.

“In the years when Chris Lynn and Brendon McCullum fired Big Bash parties, we still haven’t won. For me, other players haven’t stepped up and still don’t step up and it’s become embarrassing for Lynny. So we just have to take a step and take real responsibility on our players.

“There were many reasons why last season wasn’t great, but Lynny’s season, at the end of her five-year contract, was simply poorly timed. This is one of the most significant decisions Brisbane Heat or even Queensland Cricket had to make because he was Brisbane Heat. “

Healy believed Lynn, who will soon sign a county contract with Northamptonshire in the T20 Blast and will likely have the interest of many BBL parties before next season, has at least five more years of cricket, adding Heat’s door is “still open.”

“He accepts it. He knows how hard it was to play with so many players who relied on you and against the big opposition who gave you a very good ball, it was very, very hard,” Healy said. Then he too will get into a way of disappointment. Time will help and England will certainly help, and hopefully another BBL franchise. All my cricket instincts tell me it’s not over. He’s five good years old and I really hope he can have fun and enjoy. “

Andrew McGlashan is the Deputy Editor at ESPNcricinfo


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