Ideal transfer scenario for 2022 in the midfield

Real Madrid fans have moved from Erling Haaland as the second priority in the transfer market in the summer of 2022 after Kylian Mbappe, instead focusing on the star in the midfield as someone who Florentino Perez must buy.

Aurelien Tchouameni was on the radar of Los Blancos in 2020, but it was only this season that he began to be seriously discussed as a transfer target. Tchouameni is the number 6 available and sought after by other big clubs like PSG, Liverpool and Chelsea. the biggest possible upgrade of Real Madrid’s midfield when its future potential and stylistic fit are taken into account. He is the only player who can replace Casemria in the role of defensive midfielder.

However, there are concerns that Real Madrid will miss his signature. The competition is fierce, Tchouameni could be worried while playing as Casemiro is still rooted (well, for now) and Monaco will want a hefty fee. Los Blancos are hoping Tchouameni will help encourage Monaco to give Real Madrid a discount cause of the player’s desire to join Merengueima. But that is not something Madrid should hope for. After all, Haaland and his camp did not make such exceptions even in their personal circumstances …

Another concern relates to the recent breakthrough. Dani Ceballos was sensational against Osasuna and then even better last weekend in the second start against Espanyol, as the Los Blancos won 4-0. It seems like Ceballos deserved a longer stay in Madrid, but fans are worried which means the club will not give priority to the second midfielder and will try to keep the money instead of signing with “Tchou”.

Real Madrid should keep Dani Ceballos and sign Aurelien Tchouameni

Ceballos can absolutely help Real Madrid, and his passion and quality deserve an extension. There are less useful players currently earning salaries than Merengues, while Ceballos can be a very good number 8 off the bench – provided he is interested in a role that is not guaranteed for starting opportunities.

But Ceballos and Tchouameni are different players. Ceballos is, in fact, “free”. It should not affect Tchouameni’s place on the team, nor should it affect his financial investments. Real Madrid were ready to spend 200 million euros on the transfer of Kylian Mbappe. They did not have to spend that money and, therefore, it is logical that they have that money at their disposal this summer to sign the contract. Furthermore, we do not take into account the departures of Gareth Bale, Isco and Marcel from the payroll, as well as the potential sales of Luka Jovic, Eden Hazard, Jesus Valle, Mariano Diaz, Marco Asensi and perhaps others.

Real Madrid has money. They can extend Ceballos, give him a role in the team (Isco is leaving after all) and then spend around € 60 million on Tchouameni. Real can secure their 6 futures and keep one of the best possible midfielders, using more Ceballos in LaLiga next season to give Luka Modric and Toni Kroos a break that will extend their careers in Madrid.

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That is the ideal. Ceballos and Tchouameni. Don’t tell me this is unrealistic. Real Madrid is more than capable of having both players, and I’m sure Kylian Mbappe would appreciate Perez’s effort to provide him with a sporting project that Leonardo and PSG couldn’t.

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