IND Women Wins NZ Women IND Women Wins 6 Doors (With 24 Balls Remaining) – NZ Women vs. IND Women, India Women New Zealand, 5th ODI Match Summary, Report

That’s it for this series. We will be there at the World Cup which is the next big event in the women’s calendar. I hope you enjoyed the reporting. Thanks for the feedback and keep coming to us. On behalf of Sudarshanan and our Vairavan score, this is me, checking out of here. Until next time, take care and be well. See you soon!

Devine collects the KFC trophy and the team joins the celebration. White ferns are all smiles as they pose for photos. They were the superior team and fiffingly won the series 4-1. Remember that they also won the lonely T20I. So, a great end to their summer before the start of the World Cup in a few days. Meanwhile, India will be happy to have won and confidently embarked on the big tournament. They definitely look like a stronger unit with Mandhan’s back.

Sophie Devine: Disappointing. We were 10-15 short, we were disappointed on the field. We scored 4-5 chances. It’s a different game when we take them. The girls have worked extremely hard in the last 12-24 months, these are the little things we have to dress up, but they are impressed with how we won the series. They all stepped up when given the chance. We are in a very good space before the World Cup. There is the added pressure of playing at home, but also the real advantage of playing at home. We are familiar with the conditions, we have gained confidence against the background of a large number of cricket this summer and we are very much looking forward to playing at the domestic World Cup. We know that players have always had the skill to do that. Amelia was outstanding in this series and she was exceptional and we missed her when she wasn’t there. Even Hayley Jensen was fantastic today, the way she was late in the lineup and hit the ball. There is talent everywhere on this side. A few doubts and we have to look at our team before our first game against the West Indies. We want to get something out of those preliminaries, especially against Pakistan who haven’t played in a while and against Australia. How we use those matches I am not too sure, we will have to see how the body will get out after today, but it is another opportunity to go out and play cricket for this country. The weather was extraordinary – it only rains on non-match days or training sessions. That’s perfect. Everyone here in Queenstown has been extraordinary and we love playing here. The staff did a huge job to play 5 games in this ODI series where they are credited with all over 250.

Mithali Raj: We have improved in three or four games and that is a good sign to win the World Cup in the last game. It is important to have the right preparation before a big tournament. Unfortunately, we could not start camps in India due to the growing number of cases. Entering the matches was a good preparation before the World Cup. Although it seemed that the goal was more suitable for hitting, it was a challenge for bowlers to bow along a narrow line and length, and today they bowled really well. Our focus will be good in all three departments. But something that is very important is to work on our playing as a unit. When I retire, I will see that the team is far stronger than it was. It is nice to see a lot of great talents who will be winners in the coming years. I enjoyed and thank the New Zealand board for giving us the opportunity to tour this beautiful city.

Kerr: It was great. I enjoyed being with a group here in Queenstown. Everyone on the team performed well and we are looking forward to the World Cup. For us, it is not about going too far, one game at a time, and it will be the same at the World Cup. Keeping the same processes going, play with the ball in the right way and with the ball that runs through my back leg and enters the fight – then I ball the best I can. I don’t think it’s too difficult at all. I did it my whole life growing up. Only at the international level is it the same. When I hit, I hit, when I hit, I hit. As a group we are going in the right direction, we have a lot of confidence in ourselves and in each other as teammates – I don’t think we played as well as we would like through this series and we know how good we are as a field team. If we can work on it, it could save us 20-30 rounds each game.

Amelia Kerr is a player of the series because of her outstanding contribution. 353 runs, 7 passes and 9 catches for Amelia in the series.

Mandhana: I think our bowlers did a fantastic job limiting them to 250. The lock was good for hitting and the whole hitting unit made an amazing contribution – me, Harry di and Mithali di. In the beginning, the first 10-15 balls were difficult, I forgot to hit. The more time I spent on wicket, the more I got used to it. I’m happy to have found a little nick before the World Cup. This series was a big advantage for the whole team. Half of this team was already here in 2019 and that will be a big advantage of entering the World Cup. All the girls feel confident and we will transfer this momentum from victory to the World Cup.

Smriti Mandhana is the player of the match.

Rahul: “Harmanpreet played well today, but don’t let the result make you forget that she dropped out, that she always chose the wrong ball shooting options. I think she’s the only T20 player. No patience needed for longer formats.”

Sharat Verma: “@Ribhav, a very amazing statistic for Kaur. But since she is a senior player, she will definitely get a few more chances to prove herself after this attempt at her survival.”

Paul: “3rd half century for Mithali this series each with a strike rate of 80”

CENR: “On a big stage like the World Cup, experience is needed to calm the nerves, and international exposure is important. People who played in the WBBL and Hundred should have been encouraged and supported to get in shape. A month before the World Cup time to juggle players. Jemimah and Harmanpreet should be on the team! That’s it. “

5:42 PM: India avoids white with a good victory. He was placed at the top by Smriti Mandhana who once again showed his worth on this side. When he returns to the top of the standings, hitting suddenly seems much more dangerous. Although she couldn’t turn her fifties into a hundred, she set up a platform. Harmanpreet is welcome back in form with the attacking fifties, and Mithali has done what he does so well – you took your time and headed home with the fifties. New Zealand was powerless to stop India from chasing 252 on a good strike pass. Their terrain was bad because they dropped the catch that needed to be taken. The victory of the Indians for raising morale on the eve of the Cricket World Cup. Follow the presentation.


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