IPL 2022: Sitting on the sidelines is not easy because your self-confidence becomes a hit: Chetan Sakariya

Left-handed player Chetan Sakariya did not play the first few games for the Delhi Capitals in the current Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2022, but in his first match of the season against Kolkata Knight Riders, he had a direct impact as he shook the stumps of Aaron Finch. The young man gave another aspect to the solid bowling attack of the Delhi Capitals.

In a discussion with NDTV, Chetan Sakariya opened up what he has achieved this season, the best qualities of captain Rishabha Panta and how Ricky Ponting continues to move players.

Chetan Sakariya impressed with Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting (Image credit: Twitter)

“I have been here for a long time. I’m impressed with the way Ricky Ponting thinks. Whenever a difficult situation arises, Ponting tries to motivate the players, and also tries to light up the room by joking in person, talking to the players and asking them to be ready for the match.

“He focuses on every player and I’m impressed with this trait of his,” he said. Sakariya told NDTV.

Asked about Pantu, Sakariya said: “Rishabh Bhaiya is very calm and takes all the pressure, responsibility. He always takes the job of taking the team out of pressure situations.

“Whenever other players do well, he gives them credit, but whenever difficult situations come up, he is the first to raise his hand to get the team out of trouble.”

Chetan Sakariya talks about his unique celebration

Chetan Sakariya further elaborated on why he celebrated in a unique way – the famous Dragon Ball Z style – after justifying Aaron Finch in a match against KKR. He also added that his dad generally believed that the stumps of a decent international player should be shaken.

Chetan Sakariya
Chetan Sakriya. Image: IPL / BCCI

“My style of celebration this season was very important because I sat on the sidelines for a very long time. I always wanted to be good for the team. Before the game I thought a bit because I couldn’t sleep. Then I thought about how I want to fulfill my father’s dream of rattling the stumps of a good international player.

I knew how I would celebrate if I ended up breaking the dough. I celebrated in the style of a cartoon character from Dragon Ball Za and by putting two fingers on your forehead you can teleport and that was my way of paying for my father’s ode ”, said Sakariya.

“The experience was good. We got out of some difficult situations. We were able to win some key competitions and it was a good experience. As a player, it was a good learning curve, ” he further stated.

It is not easy to sit on the sidelines because your self-confidence is falling: Chetan Sakariya

Chetan Sakariya
Chetan Sakariya. Image: IPL / BCCI.

Chetan Sakariya was not a member of the Delhi Capitals who played XI in the first seven matches and only got his chance in the eighth game against KKR. Left-handed seamer said sitting on the bench is difficult because her self-confidence level withstands the blow.

“Coaches have the task of keeping their players motivated. Good and bad games are part of the job. Sitting on the side is not easy because your self-confidence is affected. But you have to keep believing. You’re not there on earth, so your fitness for the match can also be affected. It’s hard to manage when you’re not part of toy XI. “ said the 24-year-old.

“Recently, Ajit Agarkar (assistant coach) and I talked about which balls to throw to different hitters. What are their weaknesses and what is my strength. We are currently working on that. Initially, we focused on the technical parts. I also asked him about his experiences. “ he concluded.

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