Ishan Kishan – ‘I lost focus trying to finish games instead of a good start’

Ishan Kishan admits that he “lost focus” in trying to deviate from the early executor to the finisher. After getting into a rut, he tries to return to his original style that brought him the success of the T20.

Currently, his hit rate of 117.15 is the fourth lowest among hitters to face at least 150 balls in the IPL 2022. However, there has been some improvement in the last three games, with Kishan scoring 51, 45 and 26. Kishan’s struggles mirrored Mumbai’s struggle.

“What worked well for me was that in the beginning, when I started the tournament, I didn’t think too much, I just went and hit, like I used to do,” Kishan said. “My focus was on a good start to the team. But I think later, somewhere, I was trying to finish the game and do the work for others who needed to do it, and maybe I lost focus in the first six overs.

“I also talked to the coach and the captain, and they just said, ‘If you can give us a good start, it will be helpful for the team, so you don’t have to think about ending the game. They’re set there in the middle, you’ll do it anyway. . ‘ So at the moment, my focus is just on a good start and making sure I don’t come out easily. And if I’m a hitter in the middle, I worry that I have to be there to finish the game. “

Much of Kishan’s focus lately has been on the inside. Known as the prankster on the team, he didn’t let the fun element dry out. He insists that key lifestyle changes and an improved focus on diet and fitness have helped him make beneficial changes that he hopes will pay off in the future.

“During the previous seasons, I didn’t follow diet plans and the like much, but now I follow them,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot of older players around me do it. I’ve also talked to coaches about how your body helps with cricket, something I haven’t figured out so far. Like, while I’m holding a wicket, my movements are still good because a lot of things are loved. diet and the way you train and shape your routines.

“In the IPL matches still come, sometimes you tend to miss training out of the game. But now I have the right plan that I made in conversation with the coaches. And we follow it to make sure the condition is maintained and we feel good .. And most the guys who are on the Indian team also follow the same plan.

“The players feel pretty good about it. We just look at the balloon as we can use the time. The body is now used to living with bubbles. We have all the benefits that the Mumbai administration has given us – the gym, the coaches – the three of them are always behind us. , we are focused on how to keep the body in the best shape and how we can be the best. “

“People’s comments don’t affect me, and I don’t think they affect anyone else. People will talk. If you have fans, you’ll have haters.”

Ishan Kishan on coping with pressure

Kishan’s lack of form is always associated with pressure on the IPL auction. It was the most expensive signature of the season with INR 15.25 million. He admits, even though it was early in his mind, that he moved on, and conversations with older players on the subject helped clarify it.

“Price pressure lasts for a while,” he said. “Maybe on auction day, or maybe a day or two after that. But at the level you’re playing and you’ve been playing for a while, I know what’s most important. Do I keep that pressure in mind or do I focus on how you can win games for the team? Obviously, the pressure on the price will be present for a while, but if you have good seniors around you, if the player around you feels that way, a lot of seniors are around you.

“Rohit, Virat, Hardik – they all said the same thing. ‘Don’t worry about the pressure on the price, it’s not something you asked for. Instead of thinking about it, think about cricket and be in your zone. It’s important.’ “It’s possible that they would have faced such a situation before. How did they solve it? These are the things I’ve been talking about.”

“Now I feel very light, I don’t even think about it. The price is secondary. Focus – whether you’re sold for 1 crore, the base price or $ 15 million – what matters is how you get the team to win. Or if you’re out of shape, how you help others show their best. The focus was on that. “

Was he influenced by outside noise and chatter about his form, the auction price? Not at all, if Kisan is to be believed.

“I don’t really check who’s saying what,” he said. “I know they’re not in our situation. If I was sitting outside, I might as well have written a lot of things about everyone. It’s easiest to pick up the phone and type.

“I saw some players, new to the team, checking the comment sections after the game. I told them, ‘There’s nothing to gain by reading this. These people don’t play and they don’t know what kind of pressure we went through.’ It’s easy for them to write that it was supposed to be six hits, they might want 36 runs in six balls, but cricket isn’t that easy.

“What is the situation in the middle, what the team requires at the moment … every player likes to play shots, but sometimes you will see several players who hit well also play thanks to each ball, for 25 balls. Because this is a situation where you needs partnership.

“It’s easy to write to the public. But yes, there are some fans who also know what you’re going through and who will support you. If you see on social media, or see through your manager, you’ll see you get support even in times of downtime.

“But other people’s comments don’t affect me, and I don’t think they affect anyone else. People will talk. If you have fans, you’ll have haters. They have fun writing, it’s okay. It doesn’t affect us. and we don’t even see those messages. “

Shashank Kishore is a senior contributor to ESPNcricinfo


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