“It’s not like it went to some peeling, it went to Nikola Jokić”: Stephen A. Smith questions the intention of Joel Embiid while Heat breaks the Sixers with a difference of 35 points

Veteran NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith questions Joel Embiid’s willingness to play while the Heat smashes the Sixers in the fifth game.

The Miami Heat is now one win away from winning a spot at the ECF, making their way through the fifth game with a 35-point win against the visiting Sixers. The attacked DJ Khaled who was sitting on the front floor said it all, raising the home crowd to their feet.

On the other hand, there seemed to be a lack of effort from Camp Philly, s Joel Embiid looks separate from the game, which has led to several speculations, starting with Nikola Jokić winning the NBA MFA 2022.

While no one can question that the Joker is a deserving candidate, many believed Embiid won. The Cameroonian has been phenomenal this season, carrying his team, for the most part this season amid Ben Simmons ’controversy followed by James Harden’s inconsistencies.

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Therefore, many were surprised by Embiid’s performance in the key game five, with fans and analysts wondering if this was his way of expressing his disagreement against not receiving MVP honors.

Stephen A. Smith wonders if Joel Embiid was angry that he didn’t get the MVP award.

The recently crowned winning champion had just 17 points against Heat in the fifth game. Embiid tried 12 shots from the field and had 5 rebounds. The lack of aggression was evident in Embiid’s body language in play.

The Sixers came up with consecutive wins at home and tied the series at 2-2 in a game Tuesday night. With momentum on their side, the Philly team had a great opportunity to steal one away. However, they seemed to be defeated by the tip-off itself.

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith was baffled by the Philly team’s horrific performance, which challenged Embiid’s efforts in the game.

Although Smith has admitted to giving his vote to Embiid, he believes Jokic is no less a deserving candidate. The First Take analyst expected to see more fights than the great Sixers man.

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With the Heat leading the series 3-2, the Sixers are returning to the Wells Fargo Center.

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