Jamie Siddons is retiring from Mushfiqur Rahim


Rahim suffered a bad run during the series in South Africa where Bangladesh suffered big losses in both tests © Getty

Jamie Siddons, Bangladesh’s coaching striker, has left Mushfiqura Rahim’s form to do well in the upcoming home series against Sri Lanka. Mushfiqur’s recent form has been a major concern for Bangladesh, with the veteran last scoring a hundred in a test in February 2020.

After missing 203 against Zimbabwe, Mushfiqur played 18 substitutions and managed just three fifties, while against South Africa he scored just 64 series in a two-match test series that included fifty.

“Every hitter goes through patches where he doesn’t run. The way he’s been hitting them for the last two days, I’m sure he’ll be running here this week. We’re looking forward to watching him hit. I’ve seen some really good signs, we’ve worked on a few small ones. things with him, and I think he’s going to have a very successful series, ”Siddons told reporters at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium on Tuesday (May 10th).

“You’ll see in the game. I think you’ll see Mushy’s better performance in the game,” he said, adding that the experienced player is not losing sleep because of his recent form.

“I think that’s what Mushy is focusing on for the next two test matches. I don’t think he’s worried about his career in any format, I think he’s worried about him running in these two test matches. He’s focused on cricket with red ball at the moment Cricket with the white ball, I think it is quite successful Every good player has moments where he does not run But they come back, so they are great players

“I think Mushy is the most successful Test player (in Bangladesh) because he keeps running. He may have a period like in South Africa, but he will run again,” he said, adding that there is no need to put pressure on any individual just because he had one bad series. So you have to stop speaking negatively. Don’t put pressure on them. “Just because they missed one series, don’t put pressure on them,” he said.

Siddons also acknowledged the quality of the bowling alley in Sri Lanka and said they have to play their best game to earn a win against the tourists.

“The challenges are that Sri Lanka is a really good bowling alley and a really good side. We will have to be at the top of our game to compete against them and win the tests,” the Australian said.

“Our goal is definitely to win both test matches at home. We always want to win all the matches at home, but the reality is that it doesn’t always happen. We will play good cricket, we are sure against this team, we are sure in Chattogram play good cricket here , and that is our challenge, to ensure that we show up at every game and play five days of good, hard cricket, ”he concluded.

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