“JJ Redick has sent a clown – Chris Russo, back to the circus”: Draymond Green appreciates former Mavericks shooter for showing ESPN analyst his place

Draymond Green who is losing his cool and being overly animated in the Warriors – Grizzlies series is a hot topic for media discussion, and it’s so ironic.

The Warriors who had a close win against the Grizzlies in their first game had a memorable shooter night in Memphis yesterday, hitting a grim 18.4% of their three-pointer attempts. And not only that, the Dubs have also seen two of their primary defenders at Draymond Green and Gary Payton Jr. sustained injuries.

While Dillon Brooks bred Payton Jr. in a risky game, Green received a blow to the face as he struggled to jump. After the blow, Dray understandably went to the locker room.

But as Green walked into the locker room, the Grizzlies fans certainly didn’t hold back, scouting ahead for the Warriors. Meanwhile, the 2016 DPOY delighted Memphis fans by showing their middle finger to the audience.

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Chris Russo questions the actions of Draymond Green, JJ Reddick destroys him for it

Draymond’s recent antics against the Memphis audience were certainly a big topic of debate everywhere. From NBA Twitter to even ESPN’s First Take, Green has been on the headlines everywhere. In First Take, sports radio host Chris Russo was super-critical of Green and questioned the 33-year-old’s outspoken demeanor, which turned to “shut up and play” rhetoric.

Former Clippers scorer JJ Reddick, however, was not the biggest fan of Russ’s comments. In his rebuttal, Reddick defended his fellow NBA star and argued that players like Green who restrain their personality would be a disgrace to the game. Green certainly appreciated Reddick. In a recent tweet, Green wrote: “JJ sent the clown back to the circus!”

The segment is called “Problem with how Draymond coped?” Come on now, ESPN is surviving that drama. How ridiculous and ironic is that seekers of a drama like Chris’s “crazy dog” Russo in the presence of His Highness Stephen A. Smith suggest Green be silent? JJ put him in his place so well.

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The first two games between the Grizzlies and the Warriors were a spectacle. While the Dubs had decent performance in the first game, Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant performed the show in Game 2.

Even the crowds of Memphis were amazing in creating a tense environment for visitors. As the game goes to Chase Center, expect the same level of intensity from the Warriors audience.

Draymond Green, meanwhile, will hope to step up for the Warriors in Game 3. With a 1-1 draw, the next two games could be decisive for the series.

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