“Just admit you’re afraid of losing”

Islam Makhachev continues to accuse Charles Oliveira of hypocrisy after the Brazilian said he doesn’t deserve a chance for the title yet.

In a string of 10 wins, Makhachev has consistently argued over the past few months that he should be next in line for a chance at the belt. The 30-year-old began protesting loudly against his case after quickly and impressively enduring Hooker Day in October. Then, after another win in the first round against Bobby Green in February, Makhachev was confident he had done enough to deserve a title fight.

UFC president Dana Whitehowever, he believed differently. White accused Makhachev of refusing to fight Rafael dos Anjos and afterwards insisted that the Dagestani must next confront Beneil Dariush. The date of that fight, originally scheduled for February, has not yet been confirmed.

Islam Makhachev defeated Bobby Green by technical knockout at UFC Vegas 49 in February. (PHOTO: GETTY)

Makhachev calls Oliveira a hypocrite after calling him ‘undeserved’

After Oliveira’s victory over Justin Gaeth on UFC 274 last weekend, Makhachev was the only one of the top five easy to still win the title fight.

However, reigning lightweight champion Oliveira believes that even if Makhachev beats Dariusha, it still has to prove itself against another top candidate. The Brazilian claims that Makhachev’s current series of victories has been forged against opponents outside the top five, and therefore he must have “one or two more fights” before he gets a chance to become a champion.

Although Oliveira believes Makhachev must go a long way to the title, he thinks Conor McGregor a shortcut to that should be given. The Brazilian is in the past he expressed his desire to fight McGregor despite the Irishman losing his last three lightweight fights – a string of defeats dating back to 2016.

Earlier today, he even put Nate Diaz in the mix, hinting that he would be interested in fighting the Stockton legend as well.

“Just so you know, I like to break records and I want to break another … Fight twice in the same night. I knock out Conor and make (Diaz) a tap. What do you think @danawhite? ”

Makhachev soon responded to Oliveira’s tweet again pointing to the perceived hypocrisy – and fear – in the game.

@CharlesDoBronxs it’s funny that you’re calling out Nate who hasn’t won a fight in years and at the same time saying I have to earn something … just make it clear you’re afraid of losing. your jiu-jitsu won’t work in our fight and you know that. “

The above tweet was sent a few days after Makhachev said something similar after Oliveira constantly called out Conor McGregor.

“Oliveira says that I do not deserve to fight for the title, in fact he is praying for a fight with Conor, who has not won the fight since 2015,” Makhachev tweeted.

Oliveira is expected to return later this December and hopes to fight in Brazil. Whether Islam Makhachev, Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz or someone else will be in this fight – time will tell.

What do you think? Is Islam Makhachev right when he calls out Oliveira’s “hypocrisy”?

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