Lakshya Sen vs Loh Kean Yew highlights India Open final in 2022: Lakshya, Satwik-Chirag lift first titles at India Open

Thanks for getting involved Sportstar’s LIVE broadcast of the finals of the men’s singles tournament India Open 2022 between Indian Lakshya Sen and Loh Kean Yewa from Singapore in New Delhi. This was it Netra. V guiding you through the action as it unfolded. That’s all for today!

RECAPITULATION: Lakshya Sen defeated current world champion Loh Kean Yew in consecutive games 24-22, 21-17 and won his first Indian Open title in the men’s singles. It was a double pleasure for India as before, Chirag Shetty / Satwiksairaj Rankireddy won their first Indian Open final in their lives by defeating Mohammad Ahsan / Hendra Setiawan 21-16, 26-24 in the men’s doubles.


Indian Open: Lakshya, Satwik-Chirag duo titles

Lakshya Sen 24 21
Loh Kean Yew 22 17
Lakshya Sen v. Loh Kean Yewa

24-22, 21-17 LAKSHYA SEN WON HIS MAIDEN INDIA OPEN TITLE !!!! What a victory for the third holder Indian. After winning his last two matches in three games, Lakshya Sen made it an easy win in a row in the final of his first Indian Open tournament against recently crowned world champion Loh Kean Yewa of Singapore. The 54-minute match secured India’s victory in all final matches involving men’s doubles.

24-22, 20-17 SEN CHAMPIONSHIP! Loh misses the target.

24-22, 18-15 Sen’s amazing recovery as he nearly missed two shots, but Loh sends a shuttle away from the back line.

He seems to be tormented by the cut of the little finger of Lakshya Sen’s right hand.

24-22, 16-14 Lakshya took a good shot from the net.

24-22, 16-11 The reduction of the Seine down the line makes it difficult for Lohu to catch up.

24-22, 15-11 Loh causes a shot that is called, loses the challenge.

24-22, 14-11 A quick kick in the crosshairs keeps Senna on a three-point lead.

24-22, 11-9 An unsuccessful return from the back from Loch helps Sen to lead by two points in the middle of the game.

24-22, 10-8 A brilliant attempt to break Loh, but the shuttle falls into the net.

24-22, 7-7 Equalized the second game of the best ranked players as they move their necks and necks.

24-22, 6-6 Sen hits the back of the field causing Loh to run towards the shuttle but fails.

24-22, 5-5 Sen narrows the gap as Loh stretches to hit the blow, but fails to return.

24-22, 3-5 Another wide in the distance by the Singaporean while the Indian narrows the gap.

24-22, 1-3 Loh’s broken body makes it difficult for Lakshy to return.

24-22, 1-1 Great outplay of two players, in the end the Indian gets a point.

24-22, 0-1 Sen is wrong in his assessment and does not read the shuttle that lands on the side.

Lakshya appears to have been injured while playing. The cut is clearly visible.


24-22. Lakshya Sen beats Loha in the first game because Loh makes a mistake in the assessment as the shuttle falls inside the field.

23-22. The back-and-forth encounter leads to Loh hitting a wide kick. Second point for Lakshy.

21-20. The first point for Sen, what a development. Loh completely misses the shot as the shuttle falls in his backyard.

19-20. A point in the game for Loha because he failed to return another shot into the net.

19-17. One challenge remains for Sen as he sets it up. Well, let’s make two.

18-14. The 37-shot overtime was stopped as Loh scored another goal.

16-13. Three points in the box office for the Singaporean. Make it four points.

16-9. It looks like Lakshya will have complete control of the first game as it forces the Singaporean to run all over the field.

14-9. A strong blow from the Indian leaves Loh close to returning.

13-8. Loh missed a huge opportunity to score a point by crashing into the net.

11-8. Three points ahead of the third Indian seed while Loh hits another goal next to the sideline.

9-7. Lakshya fails to return Loh’s shot into the net as two players fight close to the net.

7-6. Lakshya caused a jump from the Loh lands as he scored a point.

2-4 Lakshya makes Loha make a mistake as the shuttle falls on the net.

1-2 Lakshya gets his first point after Loh hits the shuttle just behind the back line.

0-1 Loh gets the first point when Lakshya hits wide.


17:24 – Players enter the field and start warming up.

UPDATES: Indian Chirag Shetty / Satwiksairaj Rankireddy vs Mohammad Ahsan / Hendra Setiawan from Indonesia – men’s doubles final of the India Open 2022.

  • Chirag Shetty / Satwiksairaj Rankireddy won their first Indian Open final by defeating Mohammad Ahsan / Hendra Setiawan 21-16, 26-24.
  • The Indians saved three match balls while the scoreboard reads 22-22.
  • A tense match because the Indonesians are forced to make a mistake and his 20-20. Setiawan hits the equalizer net for India 21-21 for the second time.
  • The Indian combines two points from a 19-18 victory. However, the Indonesians are catching up and leading one lead.
  • Shetty is lucky with shots for the third time, Rankireddy leaves the field to grab his racket, but the Indonesians can’t take advantage. The Indians lead the second interval in the middle of the game 11-10.
  • The pair of Rankireddy and Shetty took second place in the first game 21-16 attacking the Indonesian pair of holders.
  • The first interval in the middle of the game is led by the Indian pair with two points 11-9.


The bronze medalist at the Lakshya Sen World Championships on Saturday in the semifinals of the Yonex-Sunrise India Open 2022 defeated the tough challenge Tze Yong Ng of Malaysia 19-21, 21-16, 21-12.

The hard-earned victory in an hour and seven minutes in his debut performance at the India Open also secured him his first Super 500 or higher final on the BWF Tour.

He will now face world champion Loh Kean Yew in a clash at the top. The Singaporean got a pass in the semifinals after Canadian Brian Yang gave up due to a sore throat and headache.

The third seed Sen was the big favorite against world no. 60 Ng, but if an easy exit was expected, the tall Malaysian was in a different mood. Both players started the game by quickly outplaying the lead at regular intervals.

Sen then took a 14-10 lead before a series of mistakes allowed Ng to come back. The Malaysian won seven consecutive points to regain the lead, and although the home side managed to level the score at 17-17, the momentum was definitely in his favor.

Ng started the second game at the same pace and took a 4-1 lead before Sen’s solid defense dug out of the hole and found the winner in the next shot. The point probably gave the Indian the necessary faith in himself and he began to affirm himself much more.

India Open: Lakshya reaches final, Sindhu loses, Satwik-Chirag faces first seed

The 20-year-old started mixing things up, playing softer drops to open up the field for a chance to hit the winners with his kicks at the crossroads. Ng managed to keep up with the Indian until the mid-game interval, but Sen had complete control after that as he forced the decision.

Sen did not intend to let the momentum slip because he realized that Ng was not comfortable with his throwing routine. The Malaysian tried to extend the playoffs and keep the shuttle in the game, but that was not enough as the Indian could find a way to hit the winners.

Because his opponent is a bit tired, Sen won five consecutive points to break Ngo’s resistance and reach his first Super 500 final.

“The first game was very fast, and in the end he managed to win a few close points to win it. I stuck to my game plan for the next two games and it worked well for me, ”he said.

Speaking about the final, Sen said: “It feels good to play my first Super 500 final at home. This time the fans were not allowed access, but there were a few people in the stadium who supported me and it was good. “

Sunday’s final between Loch and Sen would be their fourth meeting this year, and the world champion has won two of his three previous matches. Their overall mutual record is 2-2.

Where to watch?

The semifinals of the men’s singles tournament India Open 2022 between Indian Lakshya Sen and Singaporean Loh Kean Yewa will be broadcast live on Sony TEN 1 SD and Sony TEN 1 HD TV channels and live broadcast Sony Liv on Sunday, January 16th.


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