Lionel Messi’s best dribbling? Viral video of the epic ride of Barcelona legends 2015

Lionel Messi could be the best dribbler in the history of men’s football.

While Diego Maradona and Garrincha also have strong rights to the title, the Paris Saint-Germain star is virtually unrivaled when it comes to his ability to slalom through defenses as if they don’t exist.

In recent years, Messi has evolved more into a deeply casual playmaker, relying less on going through six players and relying more on his ability to choose to add ear pins.

Messi’s ingenious dribble

In a similar trend as Cristiano Ronaldothe peak of Messi’s dribbling ability actually came in his early twenties when no number of opposing players on his path felt too much of a challenge.

Before the Argentine superstar matured in the goal and assist machine we know today, he left every man and his dog to contend with bumps as he pulled himself out of every situation.

At what age did Messi join Barcelona?

However, just because Messi’s dribbling may have peaked in the heady days of his miraculous goal at Getafe, that doesn’t mean in a second that he still doesn’t have it in his locker.

You just need to look at Messi’s unheard of solo goal in the Copa del Rey 2021 final to find that he is only a few games away from taking him back to the 2000s with a moment of genius.

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Messi’s most underrated dribble?

And that was certainly the case with one of Messi’s most underrated dribbles that went viral on social media again.

Footage of Messi playing as obsessed during BarcelonaThe 2-0 win at Eibar in the 2014/15 season reappeared with more than 25,000 ‘likes’ and 3,500 retweets at the time of writing.

And honestly, it’s absolutely amazing with Messi deciding it was enough and taking half of Eibar’s side in a solo ride so perfect that you’d think it was made in FIFA’s ‘amateur’ environment.

But no, it’s just Messi that Messi is at the peak of his powers, so be sure to pay homage to his majesty in dribbling by checking out the moment below when he made Eibar take it like training cones:

It just goes on … and it goes … and it goes.

The magic of watching Messi

If a goal or an assist had come out of it, we would be talking about it all the time, so it’s almost a joy to come when Messi’s run takes on the status of a hidden gem.

Plus, it says a lot about how magical Messi’s best moments are that even dribbling that didn’t lead to a goal is shared by thousands of people whenever they share again every other year.

And that’s the universal nature of Messi’s love because it’s in unheard-of dribbles like his mazdarica against Eibar where you see him perfectly illustrate his mastery in a beautiful game.

Messi dribbling against Eibar.
EIBAR, SPAIN – MARCH 14: Lionel Messi (R) from FC Barcelona fights for the ball with Manuel Castellan Lillo from SD Eibar during the La Liga match between SD Eibar and FC Barcelona at the Ipuru City Stadium on March 14, 2015 in Eibar , Spain. (Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce / Getty Images)

In this regard, let’s watch the video 100 more times. I’ll be right back.

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