Matthew Hayden fell in love with Ravi Shastra because of his comments about Virat Kohli

Matthew Hayden investigated Ravi Shastri: Former India head coach Ravi Shastri has been a major proponent of suggesting that Virat Kohli should and should take a cricket break because he believes the Royal Challengers Bangalore striker is “overcooked” because he has played so much cricket lately.

The debate resumed when Kohli won this third golden duck of the 2022 IPL season – when he was rejected on the first ball by Jagadeesha Suchith of Sunrisers Hyderabad – and has now managed 216 runs in 12 shifts with a poor average of 19.63 – six other RCBs the hitter has a better average than Kohli’s – while he scores only 111.

Matthew Hayden, however, disagrees with Shastri and actually stares at him when the topic of Kohli needs a break is discussed in a box of comments between Hayden, Harsh Bhogle and Sunil Gavaskar during the RCB-SRH game after Kohli’s wicket.

In the second part of the match, Harsha Bhogle scored a point by Ravi Shastri, saying: “Ravi Shastri suggested that Virat Kohli needs a break.”

Matthew Hayden joked: “Does he say the same about Rohit Sharma?” The Mumbai Indians captain and opener is also going through a weak patch, averaging 18 in 11 innings.

Hayden continued, “I think these guys are constantly playing cricket, of course, these tournaments, they show up so fast, you get into the mental space, and Kohli has been brilliant at it for so many years, so animated, so passionate. To get rid of it just for a moment and you’re under pressure. “

The Australian said that no player will voluntarily ask the management or the coach for a break because they are not doing well, citing the example of David Warner, who was in top form after a bad IPL season last year.

“It also takes so much courage, no player ever believes they can go to the menu and say,‘ sorry, I have to get out ’because you want to play, you want to be that person who will take control of the changes. It’s so frustrating when you get into a little rut that you can’t find a way out. Sometimes it can be an explosive mask, a great shot or, in the case of Virat Kohli, just one or two fantastic ones with firm and positive body language like David Warner, ” Hayden added.

Bhogle replied to the Australian that Shastri’s advice could have some value as he knows Kohli very well as he has worked closely for the last 4-5 years.

“The only reason I mentioned it, Ravi and Virat have known each other so well in the last 3-4 years, they have run a lot of campaigns together, they have been very good at test cricket. He knows the inner mind, ” Bhogle replied to Hayden.

Legendary Sunil Gavaskar has expressed his opinion that he does not mind that Kohli pauses until he misses the games for India. “As long as a break doesn’t mean you miss India’s matches. Matches in India have to be number 1 every time, so simple, ” said Gavaskar.

Despite Kohli’s irresistible form this season, RCB are in 4th place with 14 points in 12 matches and will be hoping the ‘King’ will return to his beastly way as the playoffs get closer.

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