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In conclusion: McLaren SP expects to extend its contract with IndyCar race winner Pato O’Ward in the near future.


New McLaren contract near O’Ward

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown said Pat O’Ward’s future agreement with the IndyCar team was “inevitable” and that we would “be together for many years to come.”

O’Ward took his first win of the season in the last round in Alabama. “He did a great job at Barber and is now a McLaren driver and he depends on him and Andreas [Seidl] decide on the Formula 1 side what the testing opportunities might be. ”

After testing McLaren’s MCL35M in Abu Dhabi last year, O’Ward is one of several drivers considering driving for the F1 team in two mandatory free beginner training sessions later this year.

“There is a note from F1 that says this year, they are required by law to test young drivers twice in free practice and that is why we have some kind of selection process, which we actually want to give the opportunity to be in the car for these two or three workouts,” he said. Seidl in response to a question from RaceFans.

“To make the selection we have this year for the possibility of using TPC [Testing of Previous Cars] a car to give young guys a chance to show what they can do in a Formula 1 car and time to better prepare them for this test. And then we will decide who will get free training in the end. ”

McLaren is the fifth fastest team after Miami – Norris

McLaren’s Lando Norris believes the team is fifth fastest, behind Mercedes and Alfa Romeo, as well as two top Ferrari and Red Bull teams.

Norris admitted that it was “hard to know what exactly we’re going to do from this weekend,” in terms of developing McLaren’s car before Barcelona. But yes “We are behind Mercedes, behind Alfa Romeo, but we could really fight Alpine and AlphaTauri. Haas is here or there with us, too.

“It’s close, so I think that puts us in fifth place,” Norris continued. “I think we have a decent pace. We just need a little more to be able to take the fight with Mercedes and the guys ahead. ”

Mercedes explains the improvement in tire heat management over time

Mercedes technical director Mike Elliott explained why the overheating was worse at the start of Lewis Hamilton’s heavy tire than at the end of the Miami GP.

“Most of the heat that enters the tires comes from so-called hysteresis heating,” Elliott said in video posted by the team. “This stems from the fact that the tire is constantly turning and bending and this kind of constant movement on a non-linear tire means that it adds heat and that hysteresis heat is constantly added.

“But what happens is that the tires wear out, and as they wear out, the tire gets smaller and smaller and as the tire gets smaller and smaller in that size, you get less of that hysterical warm-up because only the tire moves less.

“So what happened was that at the beginning of the stunt the tires were the warmest and as the duration and wear of the tires wear out, you get less and less heat input into the tire and the tire temperature decreases and becomes easier to manage. ”

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