Meet ‘The Hulk’ from Kabaddi

The famous Gujarat Giants defensive unit suffered beatings early in the Pro Kabaddi The 2021 League and the team led by Manpreet Singh had just two wins in their first 10 games. Moreover, their newly appointed captain, Ravinder Pahal, was also off the field at the time due to injury.

The Giants were literally down at the landfills.

They watched their fifth defeat of the season in just 11 games when they faced Tamil Thalaivas in match 66. PKL In 2021, the Giants started the match well and led 17-14 at the end of the first half. But things soon went downhill.

Thalaivas continued to increase the pressure as the Super 10 from Manjeet and Ajinkya Pawara brought the team from Chennai to the command position with a 3 point advantage and 2 minutes until the end of the competition.

The Adani Sportsline Fans of the Giants owned it were stunned. The giants on the mat were also shocked by this drastic change of fortune.

But their always positive coach Manpreet Singh believed. He played, probably, his best card of the season.

He replaced a certain Pardeep Kumar in 38th minute.

Now Pardeep used to come as a replacement in various situations for the Giants. Namely, he was in the top 7 at the opening of the Giants season against the Jaipur Pink Panthers. But Pardeep has yet to make an impact this season.

Singh’s decision at this point seemed nothing more than gambling in frustration. But little did we know it would be the rise of a new star.

With all eyes firmly on him, Pardeep Kumar registered a Super Raid to help the Giants win in moments of dying. He finished the game with 4 points in just 2 attacks per game.

A new PKL star was born.

“When the coach sent me, all I had in mind was to do my best. I knew I would only get one or two attacks. I didn’t mean victory or defeat. Luckily, their defense made a mistake and I managed to I appear as a hero, “Pardeep told The Bridge.

He consistently found himself in the top 7 for the first time since the opening of the Gujarat Giants season and even scored his first PKL Super 10 against the Bengaluru Bulls with his strength like the Hulk.

Hailing from a traditional Indian common family background, Pardeep Kumar began practicing Kabaddi quite late in life. In fact, the 27-year-old even admits to playing a lot of volleyball in his early days.

A qualified mechanical engineer, Pardeep found his calling in Kabaddi in 2015 while in college. Within two years he played in the local leagues before appearing as the main striker for Rajasthan at the 2021 National Championship in the absence of their captain Deepak Niwasa Hooda.

“I was studying engineering when I found Kabaddi and fell in love with him. If you look, I started playing sports very late in life compared to a lot of other players. But I continued to work hard and I was able to get to this stage very quickly by God’s grace. “he says.

Known for his explosive power on the mat, Pardeep is very reminiscent of Marvel’s superhero Hulk. A look at his Instagram feed will show exactly where he is creating such power from.

“I was stronger than most people even before I started playing Kabaddi. Playing sports only helped me develop my physical strength more,” he laughs.


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