Members of the gang that killed the Kabadi among the 12 arrested

New Delhi

A special cell police unit in Delhi has arrested 12 members of the three gangs, who, among other crimes, were also involved in the murders of gangsters in front of a Delhi court and an international kabadi player in Punjab, officials said on Tuesday.

These members belong to the Lucky Patial-Bambiha-Kaushal gangster alliance and have been involved in organized crime in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Chandigarh, in addition to having significant footprints in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, they said.

To expand their operations to the National Capital Region (NCR), they have teamed up with local gangsters Sunil, alias Tillu Tajpuriya, and Neeraj Bawana, police said.

The defendants were identified as Sajjan (37), Ajay alias Sunny (20), Tekchand (30), Dayachand (30), Kailash Dagar (29), Rahul alias Sadhu (24), Sachin (25), Kavinder alias Shakti Rana (22). ), Sandeep Dagar (24) and Gulshan (26), residents of Haryana, Anil (32), a resident of Delhi, and Saurabh Mishra (23), a native of Bihar, police said.

Officials said that after police broke up local criminals, another gang alliance led by Lawrence Bishnoi, Sandeep alias Kala Jathedi, Wirender Pratap alias Kala Ran and Sube Gurjar took advantage of the gap and expanded its operations.

However, over the past nine months, police have arrested Kala Jathedi, Virender Pratap and their shooters, and most of the alliance’s leading criminals are currently behind bars, police said. This created an opportunity for the Lucky Patial-Bambiha-Kaushal alliance, which is at odds with the above-mentioned alliance – especially in Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab – to retreat to Delhi, they said. For this, they co-opted criminals Sunila alias Tillu Tajpuriya and Neeraj Sehrawat alias Bawaniya from Delhi, who are currently behind bars.

The group killed gangster Jitender Gogi while he was taken to Rohini court in Delhi for questioning on September 24 last year.

Earlier this month, international Kabadi player and permanent resident of the United Kingdom Sandeep Singh Sidhu was killed in Punjab’s Jalandhar, police said.

Months of training have led police to filter their suspected bases in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Nashik in Maharashtra, Zirakpur in Punjab’s Mohali, Faridabad in Haryana and Baddi in Himachal Pradesh, as well as in certain locations in Delhi. special cell) said Manishi Chandra.

After being reasonably satisfied, police launched Operation 3P – Proactive, Preventive and Preventive Police – in five states, the DCP said, and arrested them, the DCP said. So far, seven sophisticated firearms and more than 20 bullets have been found in the arrests, police said.


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