Miami F1 eighth place “as a victory” from behind

The Alpine the driver is further pleased with the fact that he only felt “50%” physically after a severe crash in FP3 on Saturday.

Hitting the 51G into a concrete wall meant he had to miss the qualifiers, and therefore had to start from the back of the grid after the team built a spare chassis.

He won two seats because both Aston Martins had to start from pitlane and then steadily advanced on the field with a long opening on hard rubber.

He managed to change to soft tires under a safety car and eventually finished ninth on the road, before getting a spot from the penalty spot for an Alpine teammate Fernando Alonso.

“I’m thrilled, I think it’s a victory for us,” he said when asked about his accusation at

“It is clear that all of us needed to climb the mountain, but I think that from strategy to radio calling, tire management, everything was perfect today. And to finish in 50% points and physically, for me it’s like a victory.

“It’s certainly a different challenge, it can go wrong, it can go right. Today it went right. But it’s not very comfortable like I said racing with 50% physically. It’s as hard here as Singapore in terms of humidity and heat . “

Ocon began at the back of the Miami GP

Photo by: Jerry Andre / Pictures of motorsport

The decision to go to the hards paid off for the Frenchman, as well as for George Russell.

“We knew what we had to do,” Ocon said. “We wanted a very long time with effort, we wanted to make this tire last a long time, so I managed a lot in the beginning.

“It was harder than expected, I thought the tire would never ignite to be fair, but it was, so it was good. We weren’t very fast at the start and then the pace was slowly increasing and we became very fast compared to other cars. “

Ocon admitted that he still feels painful after Saturday’s accident.

He added: “I have to say a big thank you to the guys because everything was broken in the car yesterday. I only checked this morning. The seat is in pieces. The pedal box is completely broken, gas, brakes, broken, and the chassis, obviously.

“It was a big impact, obviously I feel 50 percent today. But we succeeded, and it also shows that we’re doing a good job physically.”

Asked about the specific consequences of the collision, he replied: “Mostly the knees, the lower back, a few bruises here and there on the heels. It was 51 G, so pretty painful.”

Ocon also witnessed a clash between Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel late in the race, which happened while three drivers were fighting. After the flag, he spoke to the Haas driver at the farm park.

“Obviously all three of us were fighting together, they were big delta tires, Mick was on a 30-lap tire, Seb was nine, I was on a newer set, so we all fought very close. Obviously things like that event, is not my topic for comment.

“We talked about it, but Mick knows well what he has to do. He’s an F1 driver, he has a lot of talent, he doesn’t need my advice at all.”

Ocon noted that the controversial surface of the trail contributed to the collision: “We heard before coming here that these stones from Georgia are the best in the world, it’s one of the best asphalts in the world. It’s a disaster, we can’t overtake.

“Mick touched with himself in part because you can’t dive into anyone, and when you go offline, you lose half a second.

“There was only one line, it doesn’t work at all. We should go on asphalt like Jeddah, I think this is perfect.”

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