Miami Grand Prix betting odds – Who is the favorite to shine in the United States?

Formula 1 has set off from the United States to Miami for something that should be a great affair, and drivers are ready to master a whole new track. Red Bull is the one who rode high thanks to his last one-two outing, taking the fight against rivals from Ferrari, who had a much harder time in Imola. But who will return home as the winner in Sunshine State? Let’s see if the odds favor Red Bull or Ferrari ahead of the action for the weekend.

The 188BET odds are shown in decimal form: for every $ 1 bet you get, you get a figure represented by the odds; so if Verstappen is the favorite with 1.50, you would win $ 1.50 for every dollar.

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Chances of victory

Fresh after the win in the last outing, the odds say Max Verstappen is the favorite to win. The Dutchman has won every race he has finished so far this year, so this weekend it is worth paying attention to reliability as well as clean speed.

He is just ahead of Charles Leclerc, who made a mistake last time out and wants to make amends. Carlos Sainz is slightly behind the two and is looking for a finish after two consecutive DNFs.

McLaren drivers stay ahead of the Mercedes duo when it comes to prospects, which is no surprise from the back of Land Norris on the podium of the Emilia Romang Grand Prix. The young man is still chasing his first victory in the Grand Prix – as is his former teammate Sainz…

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Max Verstappen 2.00
Charles Leclerc 2.25
Carlos Sainz 13.0
Sergio Perez 15.0
Land Norris 34.0
Daniel Ricciardo, George Russell, Lewis Hamilton 67.0
Esteban Ocon, Fernando Alonso, Valtteri Bottas 151
Kevin Magnussen, Pierre Gasly 301
Mick Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Yuki Tsunoda, Zhou Guanyu 601
Alexander Albon, Lance Stroll, Nicholas Latifi 901

Verstappen will strive to achieve two wins in the jump after triumphing last time out

Odds of who will be the fastest in qualifying

Last time, Sprint was a factor in the weekend format, meaning the qualifiers took place on Friday night. This weekend in Miami he is returning to the traditional format, so drivers will have three training sessions to tackle this new track and learn how best to get through 19 turns.

Verstappen is again a narrow favorite, although Leclerc was fast in one lap this year and has two pillars compared to the Dutchman. Much could depend on who managed to bring some upgrades, and Mercedes is an encouraging sound in that direction.

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Here’s what the prospects say…

Max Verstappen 2.00
Charles Leclerc 2.35
Carlos Sainz 7.50
Sergio Perez 15.0
Lando Norris, George Russell, Lewis Hamilton 67.0
Daniel Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso 151
Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly, Valtteri Bottas 301
Kevin Magnussen, Mick Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Yuki Tsunoda 601
Alexander Albon, Lance Stroll, Nicholas Latifi, Zhou Guanyu 901


Both Leclerc and Sainz will be working to get their campaigns back on track this weekend

Prospects for finishing on a pedestal

The usual suspects from Red Bull and Ferrari are the ones who have the advantage when it comes to standing on the podium this weekend, while the other three men who managed to place on the podium this season, all with equal prospects right behind them. Will these upgrades make a big difference to Mercedes, which has slipped upside down lately?

Haas is the home team this weekend, the US team managed to score more points thanks to Kevin Magnussen last time, although they looked far from the podium based on the first few races. Alpine is another team that feels faster than the results have shown, and Fernando ALonso was unlucky to retire with injury last time.

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Max Verstappen 1.30
Charles Leclerc 1.40
Sergio Perez 1.90
Carlos Sainz 2.10
Lando Norris, George Russell, Lewis Hamilton 5.00
Fernando Alonso 11.0
Daniel Ricciardo 13.0
Valtteri Bottas 15.0
Esteban Ocon 26.0
Kevin Magnussen, Pierre Gasly 34.0
Mick Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Yuki Tsunoda 51.0
Lance Stroll, Zhou Guanyu 101
Alexander Albon, Nicholas Latifi 251


Can Norris win another podium or will his teammate come to the showdown in Miami?

Prospects for the fastest lap

The bonus point for the fastest lap again looks like it will be fiercely contested throughout the season, and Verstappen grabbed it for the last time on his way to the ‘Grand Slam’. That broke Leclerc’s run, the Ferrari man who picked up the top three on offer this season.

But with a new track to learn, with a newly laid surface and no historical data on tire wear, nailing that fastest lap will be hard this weekend. This is what the odds say…

Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc 2.50
Carlos Sainz 6.00 hours
Sergio Perez 7.00 am
Fernando Alonso, Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton 51.0
George Russell, Daniel Ricciardo, Valtteri Bottas, Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly 101
Mick Schumacher, Nicholas Latifi, Sebastian Vettel, Yuki Tsunoda, Zhou Guanyu 251
Alexander Albon, Kevin Magnussen, Lance Stroll 301

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Hamilton will be looking for a strong drive this weekend to take the fight with his teammate

What are the odds of which team will take the most points?

Red Bull understandably led the odds in this case after their last one-two outing, with Perez managing to keep his teammate honest in the lead at Imola, while also showing an excellent defensive ride in moments when he is under pressure from Leclerc behind. Ferrari has failed to bring both cars to the finish line since Saudi Arabia, while McLaren and Mercedes had just one car in points past time out.

Red bull 1.70
Ferrari 2.10
McLaren, Mercedes 21.0
Alpine 67.0
Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri 151
Aston Martin, Haas 301
Williams 901

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The odds of a Safety Car appearing during the race

This one is a stranger on a new track with no historical data to rely on. So far this season, Safety Car has been in every race, sometimes multiple times, so it will be interesting to see if it will appear in Miami as well.

That 1.30
Not 3.20

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