“Players with the most focus”: Mohammad Rizwan compares Cheteshwar Pujara with Pakistan Great

Pakistani goalkeeper Mohammad Rizwan wants to have the level of focus and concentration of his teammate from the district Cheteshwar Pujara because he wants to improve as a cricket player with a red ball. Pujara gave a strong argument to return to the Test with two hundred and as many double hundred in his campaign for Sussex in County Championship Division 2. The Indo-Pak pair had 154 races against Durham earlier this month and playing for the same team also attracted great positive attention on social media.

Rizwan, who was named ICC Player of the Year for 2021, is rated by Pakistan Younis Khan and Fawad Alam very high when it comes to hitting with unwavering concentration, but he has now added Pujaru to the list.

“… As for me and Pujara, I did not feel anything strange (on the line of Indo-Pakistani rivalry).

“And I hope if you ask him, his answer will be the same as mine. Although I laugh and tease him (laughs) and everyone on the team knows it,” Rizwan told Cricwick when asked about time spent with the Indian veteran. .

Praising Pujar, Rizwan said: “He is very kind and loving. And his concentration and focus also … If you have the opportunity to learn something, you should do it.

“As for the level of concentration, I said that to the coaches here as well. Throughout my career, the players with the highest concentration are Younis bhai, Fawad Alam and his (Pujara’s).

“Pujara is second on my list and Fawad Alam is on three in terms of pure concentration and focus. I rate these three players very highly.” Regular cricket with a white ball can affect your discipline in the long run, and Rizwan said the advice from Pujara helped him in that regard.

“… in terms of level of focus and concentration, there are times when it starts to fall low … I will try to understand how these three players have such intense focus and concentration. I keep talking to Younis bhai, I haven’t been able to talk to Fawad much about tome.

“And I talked to Pujar after I came out early. He told me a few things, and one of them was to play with the body. And as everyone knows, we’ve been playing cricket with the white ball all the time. The last few years and playing get a little away from our body. ” Rizwan said “in a white ball you don’t play very close to the body because the ball doesn’t swing or stitch that much.” “So early here I played away from my body and I went out twice in a similar way,” he said.


“Then I approached him to meet in the nets and I remember him saying that when we play in Asia, we make the ball play drive. Here, we don’t need to do that. And we have to play close to the body. So those are the things he told me and whatever he learned from me, he can say (laughs). “

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