Pro Kabaddi PKL 8 Highlights: Dabang Delhi ties to Bengaluru Bulls; Pawan and Naveen take the Super 10

Welcome to Sportstar’s Pro Kabaddi League coverage. This is Nihit Sachdeva and Shyam Vasudevan and we will take you through today’s match PKL 8 between Dabang Delhi KC and Bengaluru Bulls.

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This has to be one of the best of the season, eh! The Bengaluru Bulls recovered from eight points behind and took the lead in the second half, with Dabang Delhi retaliating with a similar comeback. Naveen Kumar and co. he erased the Bulls lead, and Manjeet made a fantastic penultimate outing of the game to ensure his side equalized.

We head to the final game of the evening as the Gujarat Giants play against three-time champion Patna Pirates. Join me on the blog here –

Pro Kabaddi PKL 8 LIVE: Gujarat Giants vs. Patna Pirates


LOT OF TIME: Dabang Delhi earns 36-36 with the Bengaluru Bulls.

36-36. Naveen kills the clock in the last attack and it’s a game! Dabang Delhi returns phenomenally after his death to earn a draw.

36-36. Manjeet equalized! He manages to pull Pawan towards him and we have time for one last attack!

35-36. Naveen defeated Ankita and we reached the last 30 seconds! Can the Bulls hold out?

34-36. It’s just pure shine from Pawan! He gets better than Sandeep (again) and also marks Ashua.

34-34. Naveen avoids Jaideep’s attempt and returns his side to the level. All three results are possible in about 45 seconds!

“Don’t give any bonus points,” says Bengaluru Bulls coach Randhir Sehrawat.

33-34 EVERYTHING! Dabang Delhi comes back into the game late as the defense drives Saurabha off the field. Dabang Delhi is one point behind in two minutes to go!

30-34. Naveen gets another point, and the Bulls stay on one man!

29-34. Restraining Bharat requires the joint efforts of the four defenders.

28-34 SUPER 10 for Naveen! He outsmarted Jaideep, who had just been replaced, and the Bulls reduced him to three men.

27-34. Ashu keeps his side in the fight as he sneaks out of Aman’s ankle brace.

26-34. Young Krishan does what his elders could not do while overcoming Pawan with the help of capture. Dabang Delhi is eight behind with less than six minutes to go.

24-32. Sandeep follows Manjeet to the bench with a stupid kick at Pawan. Poor work of two senior defenders.

24-33. Why Manjeet, why? There was no need to attack and he gives it to Pawan for free. There seems to be some kind of personal rivalry between Pawan and Sandeep + Manjeet.

24-32. Vijay bursts in for a bonus, and Saurabh tries to keep it, but misses.

The Bengaluru Bulls scored 18 points in the last 10 minutes compared to four Dabang Delhi!

21-32. Joginder gives Pawan an easy point. It was almost as if Joginder had moved slowly to grab Pawan’s ankle, but the latter was well on his way out of the hold.

21-30 SUPER 10 for Pawan! He eliminates Sandeep and then stares him down. No lost love between the two of them!

21-29 ALL! Aman captures Sandeep in perfect ankle grip, and the Bengaluru Bulls increased the lead to eight points. A stellar return from the sixth season of the champions.

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20-26. That’s HUGE from Pawan! He defeats Ashu and Manjeet, and this one made a stupid mistake to surrender. Dabang Delhi comes down to one man – Sandeep Narwal!

20-24. Bharat strikes and gets rid of the dangerous Yoginder.

Naveen spent 10 minutes today and counted on the bench!

20-22. Pawan marks Joginder in the left corner, and then Sandeep absolutely picks on Captain Bulls. Alas.

19-22. Mohit and Ankit combine to eliminate Vijaya and Dabanga Delhi has now been reduced to four men. Trouble!

19-21. High-Flyer is at its best – skipping Krishan to score its eighth point of the game.

19-20. O my Bharat, what a grip! Grab Naveen’s ankle and Dabang Delhi striker has nowhere to go!

19-18 EVERYTHING! What a good return to the Bengaluru Bulls. An exciting second half awaits us, to say the least.

19-14. Pawan defeats Sandeep, and Dabang Delhi stays on one man.

Hey guys, Shyam is here and I’m going to keep you company in the second part of this game!

HALF TIME: Dabang Delhi KC 18-14 Bengaluru Bulls

18-14: Bharat comes to the attack and uses his range to touch Manjeet who was late in retreating.

18-13: Ankit comes up with a block and lifts striker Ashu Malik into the air.

18-12: Yoginder’s attempt to loosely hold his ankle gives Bharat Naresh an easy point of contact. The Bulls must continue to take down Delhi’s lead to have a chance.

16-11: Pawan knocks Vijaya down with a massive ankle grip. Excellent.

16-10: Coupling. GB More enters the attack and grabs the hand of Naveen from all the people.

16-9: Makes or dies an attack for Ashua Malik, Saurabh Nandal enters the block and misses it, but Aman arrives in time to stop him anyway.

16-8: Leadership has doubled. Bharat Naresh was on the attack, went a little too deep with all seven Delhi players on the mat and was rightly knocked down.

13-8: ALL OUT !!! Deepak, a lone Bull player on the mat, picks up the bonus, but nothing more than that as Delhi’s defense is clearly in the mood to make up for the embarrassment last time.

10-7: Two Bulls players on the mat, Naveen shoots Aman in the left corner, gets a touch point and then tries to touch another player before Aman threatens to hit again.

8-7: Make or die attack for Ashua Malik, he continues to wait and five seconds on the clock gets a touch point thanks to an unnecessary block attempted by Saurabh Nandal.

7-7: Hit or die, and Deputy Abolfazel Maghsodlo enters. He gets in touch with Joginder, but to no avail as Delhi’s defense successfully tackles him.

6-7: Naveen tries to get a touch from the left corner, fails, retreats and goes deep, but all four Bulls defenders just attack him and the young striker has no way to escape.

6-6: Hi-Flyer knocked down Sandeep Narwal and the other players managed to stop him just before the middle of the line.

5-6: Another bonus for Pawan.

5-5: Naveen gets a touch point from Bharata on the left corner with a beautiful kick.

4-5: Pawan takes the bonus.

4-4: Naveen Kumar takes the bonus.

3-3: Naveen looks on fire. Again, this is the point of contact with Amman.

2-3: Pawan pulls out a mistake by Joginder Narwal who lured himself into an ankle bracket that wasn’t there.

2-2: Naveen, we missed you !!! The young man scores his first point after a knee injury because he first avoids Aman’s ankle and then negotiates Ankit’s block.

0-2: Pawan Sehrawat comes in for the opening attack and comes back with a bonus and a touch point as he gets a touch point from Krishan.


THROWING – Dabang Delhi KC wins the throw-in and chooses the right side of the field. Bengaluru Bulls in attack first.

20:36: TEAM NEWS!

Dabang Delhi: Naveen Kumar, Manjeet Chillar, Joginder Narwal, Vijay Malik, Ashu Malik, Sandeep Narwal, Krishan Dhull

Bengaluru Bulls: Pawan Sehrawat, GB More, Mohit Sehrawat, Saurabh Nandal, Ankit, Bharat, Aman

20:35: The Bengal Warriors have lost two of their last three matches and are 10th in the points standings. The team had a poor score against the Gujarat Giants in their previous match and managed just eight points to catch, and Ran Singh picked five of them, and was able to score 17 points for attack while giving up 12 points. The Warriors are just four points behind fourth-placed Jaipur Pink Panthers, but a loss on Friday could prove detrimental in their quest for the playoffs.

8:30 pm: Haryana Steelers enters this match after a disappointing defeat by the Gujarat Giants. The defense had a free night and managed just five points in the fight while receiving 20 points for attack. The raiding unit had a decent exit as Meetu finished the game with eight points to attack. Coxswain Vikash Kandola also picked up seven points, but the rest of the team was not impressed.

20:20: Haryana Steelers is close to victory against the Bengal Warriors! Follow the match live here –

Pro Kabaddi PKL 8 LIVE: Haryana Steelers leads Bengal Warriors 27-23 with 10 minutes to go

20:10: If you just boarded the PKL train, don’t worry, we’re for you. Here’s a simple explanation that covers all the rules of the game and various expressions such as ‘All Out’, ‘Do-or-die’ and ‘Super Tackle’ –

8 in the evening: Hey guys, welcome to our PKL coverage of the day. Before we move on to today’s second game between Dabang Delhi KC and Bengaluru Bulls, here is a summary of what happened in the PKL in the last fifteen days –

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Where to watch PKL 8?

You can watch all the Pro Kabaddi League matches (PKL 8) on the Star Sports Network. Matches will also be broadcast live on the Disney + Hotstar app.


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