‘Pujara is second on my list’: Rizwan named 3 players he rated ‘very high’ Cricket

Duo of Cheteshwar Pujara and Mohammad Rizwan he kept India and Pakistan fans glued to the county championship over the past month. The two players represent Sussex in the championship, and Pujara in particular has shown magnificent performances so far. The Indian striker has scored 719 runs in four games for the team so far, and is currently the second top scorer of the season. During the match against Durham, the duo made 154 races; while Pujara scored a double century (203), Rizwan scored an important 79.

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Rizwan was now talking about sharing the locker room with Pujar and hailed the Indian veteran on his level of concentration and focus. During a conversation with Cricwick, Rizwan also spoke in detail about the relationship between Indian and Pakistani players, insisting they are all part of one cricket ‘family’.

“This battle is being fought in the country. But when you’re not in the country, we’re like family. If I say that our Virat Kohli, Pujara, Smith, Root, it will not be wrong because we are a family. Because at some point he will meet Shaheen Shah, Babar Azam, Hasan Ali or Shadab Khan, ”Rizwan said.

“Just like Hassan Ali said he would get a chance to learn from James Anderson. This means that we are one and that we continue to share different things with each other.

“As for me and Pujara, I didn’t feel anything strange [on the lines of India-Pakistan rivalry]. And I hope that if you ask him, his answer will be the same as mine. Although I laugh and tease him [laughs] and everyone on the team knows that. ”

Speaking about Pujar’s ability to hit, Rizwan listed 3 hitters he rated very highly and named the Indian in second place. While former Pakistani captain Younis Khan was at the top of his list, another Pakistani Fawad Alam was third.

“But he (Pujara) is very dear and full of love. And his concentration and focus too. If you have the opportunity to learn something, you should do so. As for the level of concentration, I told coaches here too. Throughout my career the players with the most focus, concentrations are Younis bhai, Fawad Alam and his [Pujara’s]. Pujara is second on my list, and Fawad Alam is at three in terms of pure concentration and focus. I rate these three players very high, ”said Rizwan.


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