Qualifying scenarios: RCB left on the sticky passage

Even winning the final game may not guarantee RCB’s qualification. © BCCI / IPL

We have 60 games less in the 2022 IPL and at this time of previous seasons we would have been crowned champions so far. Since this is a 10-team edition, we are still looking for playoff candidates. The Gujarat Titans are the only side with a ‘Q’ next to them, while the two most successful sides of the competition – the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings – both dropped out.

Here’s what each of the remaining teams needs to do to advance to the playoffs.

Points table after the RCB-PBKS match on May 13th

Team Matte won Lost points NRR
GT (Q) 12 9 3 18 0.376 th most common
LSG 12 8 4 16 0.385 th most common
RR 12 7 5 14 0.228
RCB 13 7 6 14 -0.323
DC 12 6 6 12 0.210
PBKS 12 6 6 12 0.023
SRH 11 5 6 10 -0.031
KKR 12 5 7 10 -0.057
CSK 12 4 8 8 -0.181
ME 12 3 9 6 -0.613

Lucknow Super Giants

Remaining schedules: v. RR, Brabourne 15 May; v. KKR, DY Patil 18 May

LSG failed to become the first team to qualify after a heavy defeat by GT on Tuesday (May 10th). They still have two matches in hand and victory will surely pass them by. If they win in both of their remaining matches, they will get 20 points and then they will be guaranteed the first two places because GT is the only second team that can reach 20 points. The people from KL Rahul can even pass even if they lose both remaining matches if they get other results.

Rajasthan Royals

Remaining schedules: v. LSG, Brabourne 15 May; against CSK, Brabourne 20 May

If RR wins in both remaining matches, they will pass and could even finish in the top two. RR can even go through a lone victory given their superior NRR over the other sides below them in a table that could end up with 16 points. It is also possible to qualify with 14 points provided only one among RCB, DC, PBKS or SRH gets 16 points.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Remaining schedules: against GT, Wankhede 19 May

RCB found itself in a difficult passage after a massive 54-race defeat against PBKS on Friday (May 13th). A win alone may not be enough as their NRR is only -0.323 which is the lowest among all teams battling for a place in the playoffs and could drop out if they are joined by three more sides with 16 points (or exceed 16 points). In order for RCB to bring their NRR only to neutral territory of 0.000, they should beat the table toppers GT in their last league for about 80 runs or about 10 overs. A loss could mean that the RCB will remain at 14 points and will very likely be eliminated given their NRR and the possibility of the two sides passing them.

Delhi Capitals

Remaining schedules: v. PBKS, DY Patil 16 May; v. MI, Wankhede 21 May

PBKS ’victory over RCB gave DC control of their fate into their own hands. If they win the last two matches, they will most likely pass thanks to their superior NRR. DC has the best NRR among the teams currently between fourth and eighth on the points table. They can even qualify with one win if they don’t lose another by a big margin given that at most one of RR, RCB, PK and SRH get to 16 points.

Punjab Kings

Remaining schedules: v. DC, DY Patil May 16; v. SRH, Wankhede 22 May

A great victory over RCB in their last game gave PBKS new life. They now more or less have their destiny in their own hands – a rarity for the Mohali side in the past. Their NRR entered positive territory and two more victories would further escalate it which would mean that RCB could not catch up with PBKS on NRR, and victories for PBKS in the remaining matches would bring both DC and SRH to a maximum of 14 points. Theoretically they can qualify with one win if they do not lose another with a big difference due to a strong NRR that gives a maximum of one of RR, RCB, DC and SRH up to 16 points.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Remaining schedules: v. KKR, Pune 14 May; v. MI, Wankhede 17 May; v. PBKS, Wankhede 22 May

SRH is in a series of four defeats and would like to stop the slide sooner to have a chance at qualifying. They would have to enter another winning streak and finish with 16 points and hope for the best. There is a possibility that LSG and RR will get 18 points each, and three RCB, SRH and DC will finish with 16 points, and NRR will decide. Two wins in three games could mathematically pass them by, but that seems utterly impossible given the current state of the tournament. If they lose two matches, they fall out.


Remaining match: against SRH Pune on May 14; v. LSG DY Patil 18 May

Hope in KKR hangs on a thin thread. The best I can hope for is to win all the remaining games and reach 14 points and they hope that a maximum of one team from the middle of the table will reach the limit of 16 points. If both RR and RCB win another match, KKR remains eliminated regardless of their result.

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