Rahul Dravid sits quietly at the back of the book’s event, and fans are delighted with his humility

In addition to his outstanding performance on the field, current head coach of the Indian cricket team Rahul Dravid has also been hailed as one of the most humble personalities in the world of cricket. Emphasizing the humility of the former cricketer, the Twitter user shared a touching anecdote proving that Rahul Dravid is the kindest.

Twitter user Kashy recounted a recent incident when, along with another person, he went to an event where former Gundapa cricketer Renganath Viswanath spoke about his book. Allegedly, to Kashy’s surprise, cricket player Rahul Dravid also appeared at the event.

It would now be expected that such a renowned cricket player with his entourage would enter the space and attract the attention of the guests. But, according to users, Dravid quietly “came in with a mask” and “greeted Rama Guha”.

Keeping quiet, Dravid went to the last row of the event and took his place. He merged with other people and made sure that even the girl sitting next to her did not recognize him. But Dravida was soon spotted by Viswanath who asked him to come to the front row.

Of course, his fans were then standing in line asking for autographs from former India number 3. Dravid patiently complied with the requirements and then even apologized for not giving autographs properly as the crowd gathered around him.

Realizing that he was inadvertently stealing Viswanath’s show, Dravid then asked the audience to talk to Viswanath instead. That’s what won Kashy’s and probably everyone’s hearts present at the scene. “How can the person who led the Indian cricket team to so much fame be so humble and down to earth,” Kashy wrote.

While showing an exceptional gesture, Dravid also didn’t want to disappoint his fans as he posed for selfies as well.

As soon as the tweet was shared, the netizens rushed to the topic and showered Dravid with praise.

For this user Dravid remains his favorite cricket player.

Another wanted him to take a picture with Dravid.

For this user, the anecdote gave her more reasons to love a cricket player.

Tell us if you have a similar story about a humble cricketer.

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