Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal told to ‘clean up’ for role in opposing Wimbledon ban | Tennis Sport

The ATP will soon announce its sanctions at Wimbledon after a series of meetings in Madrid and Rome, with representatives of the men’s tour strongly feeling the complete ban on playing players from Russia and Belarus.

While the All England Club awaits the ATP’s decision, the MP has now referred to Federer and Nadal, telling them to share their involvement in Wimbledon sanctions as members of the Players Council. “Federer and Nadal should be clean,” said MP Chris Bryant, chairman of the All-Union Parliamentary Group for Russia. The Telegraph.

“Do they want Vladimir Putin to fail or do they not care?” he added. A new ATP meeting is being held on Wednesday during the Masters in Rome, with the potential to hold a vote on sanctions, after which any decision will be announced, and the men’s tour is expected to largely base its decision on the opinions of a 10-player Players’ Council , as representatives of players affected by the ban.

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Bryant also condemned the tour, as did Federer and Nadal, saying, “The men’s tour is behaving horribly. It’s as if they haven’t heard what’s going on in Ukraine or they don’t care. ” Another MP and leading member of the Electoral Committee for Digital, Cultural, Media and Sports, Clive Effort, also opposed the ATP over its plans to punish the tournament for banning Russian and Belarusian players from playing.

“The ATP must look around and appreciate how the rest of the world outside its bubble will look at it because it sanctioned Wimbledon for supporting Ukraine,” he said. At the very least, the ATP will protect points on the scale of those affected by the ban, freezing them so players don’t fall due to the inability to compete.

A source told The Telegraph that the Council’s position had in mind the “integrity of the ladder”, but could not explain how completely removing points from the tournament was a better alternative to freezing points for Russian and Belarusian players.

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Another source “aware of the crisis negotiations between the All England Club and the ATP on the matter” also told the Telegraph that the Players Council could end up harming more players by deducting all points on the scale, instead of ensuring the affected athletes do not lose all points. “This is like punishing many for a few, just to point out,” they said.

The ATP had hoped to make a move in tandem with the WTA Tour, but it is not known if the women’s tour will completely take away Wimbledon points in the standings, and there could be a unique situation where WTA players get points at the Grand Slam on the grass while ATP players not.

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