“Rudy Gobert wouldn’t have ZERO chance against Shaquille O’Neal”: JJ Redick doesn’t think the great jazz man believes what he posted on Twitter

Add JJ Redick to the list of people who believe Rudy Gobert would be nothing against Prime Minister Shaquille O’Neal

I recently talked about the idea that Jazz should fall apart Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell after Utah came out in the first round of the NBA playoffs, Shaquille O’Neal he said he should probably go and that Gobert is an exceptional defensive player, his attacking contribution is traumatic for the Jazz.

With the same conversation on The Big Podcast with Shaq, the 7’1 giant wasn’t exactly modest when one of his co-hosts, Anthony “Spice” Adams, said 3x DPOY could keep Grand Aristotle at 12 points.

“Twelve points? Yes, in the first three minutes, ”Shaq replied. “Let me tell you something, man. It is against my religion for someone to hold me one on one. I take it personally. That.”

O’Neal continued, “You know what I’m going to do to him? He’s a punch blocker. You can’t shoot. You have to lift his little skinny ass under the edge. Show him the bow, to get scared and just move up.

Rudy contacted IG himself to respond to The Diesel and said he would “lock his ass”.

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JJ Redick rejects Rudy Gobert’s claim about the closure of Shaquille O’Neal

The former Mavericks scorer, who entered the league only the year O’Neal won his fourth and final title with the Miami Heat, has seen enough Shaqs in decline to talk about what he would be like in his best years.

AND JJ Redick believes the French international will have no chance against the 15x All-Star.

Nor does the rest of the NBA community.

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Okay, I wouldn’t score 100 Rudy today, maybe not even 10, but if that really happens next All-Star weekend, 7’1, the 29-year-old will surely block the 50-year-old most of the time, but the weight advantage of the latter from 60-80 pounds would make him very ugly.

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