‘See how Sachin and his parents go’: Samson recalls being ridiculed in Delhi | Cricket

In a nation that has gone crazy with cricket like ours, where the sport is adored, competing to break out on top automatically becomes tough. Almost everyone, who represented India at some point in their cricket journey, went through such difficulties. (IPL 2022 full coverage)

One such star is Rajasthan Royals captain Sanja Samson, who not only had to go through an exhausting daily routine of intense exercise, but also had to change states to achieve his goal.

The 27-year-old, who showed good composure in the current edition of the Indian Premier League, opened his way in the last episode Breakfast with the champions.

Sanju started training in Delhi when he was only five or six years old along with his older brother. However, as luck did not go in their favor, his father, who himself was part of the football team in the Delhi police, took a bold step and decided to send them to Kerala.

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“There is too much competition in Delhi because cricket is played on almost every corner. We rehearsed a few times, but it didn’t work out, so my father said we were from Kerala and we would play from there. ”

“Suddenly, in a month, we left school and moved to Kerala. My mom was arguing ‘let them pass 10th grade, who will give enrollment in Kerala?’ But my father remained firm in this decision, “said Sanja.

Both Sanja and his brother struggled to enroll in any of the schools in Trivandrum a month or two before they finally got enrolled in St. Louis School. Joseph.

Their father, who stayed in Delhi, then joined his family because Sanja had not made very much progress in cricket, which forced him to retire voluntarily.

“After a few years when I didn’t play anything, he retired voluntarily and moved to Kerala. Then he started taking us to training in the morning and in the evening. We used to travel in a two-wheeler, it was a challenging phase, but then my father and mother didn’t let us know to fight for you, ”he continued.

“But when you matured enough and understood a lot of things about different situations in the family, I realized it was a very brave decision for both of us and you sacrificed a lot for us.”

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He also recalled an incident when he was ridiculed as a child by street advocates, and one of his parents used to accompany him to bus stops with a huge bag.

‘When we were playing in Delhi, my mother and father carried our bags to the bus stop because it was hard. People used to make fun of us from behind by calling,’oye Sachin aur uske papa mummy ja rahe hai, Bhai yeh banega Tendulkar‘, “he added.

“So my parents actually faced a lot of moments like that.”

The right-handed striker has so far represented India in one ODI and 13 T20I. In addition to his feats with the Indian team, he is often praised as one of the most talented players in the IPL, in which he has recorded over 130 appearances.


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