Seidl is careful that F1 is in a position where B-teams are necessary

Strong form both Ferrari and in 2022, Haas once again put the focus on collaboration between teams delivering powertrains, gearboxes and other technology to their customers.

Except use Mercedes power supply unit, McLaren has nothing to do with other teams, although it is mentioned in connection with possible future cooperation with the planned operation Andretti.

Seidl emphasizes that there are potential benefits that a senior team can achieve in any partnership.

“There are two problems,” Seidl said when asked about the relationship between the teams. “It allows B-teams with, say, less effort, investing less effort, to overtake. But even more worrying is that the A-team benefits from it.

“And that’s obviously what worries me, given the ambition we have as a team. I still hope that we will find solutions here, because it is clear that the goal we have ambition is not to have another team, for example. “

He added: “I hope F1 will never end up in a position that you need to have another team to fight at the helm.”

Seidl insisted that McLaren’s position was not affected by Haas’ current form.

“It’s just a matter of principle where F1, FIA, teams need to decide what F1 should be in the future,” he said. “And again, our position has not changed and has nothing to do with the current sport of team performance.

“It simply came to our notice then. Haas deserves all the results it is currently giving, because there are regulations, and if they meet the regulations, there is nothing to complain about, which we also do not do.

“It’s a matter of principle, and what F1 should be in the future. Again, we think F1 should be the constructors ’championship. This means that everything related to car performance, all IP that is relevant to car performance, has to be done by a team, certain teams.

“That means you should only be allowed to share the powertrains and the interior of the transmission, it makes sense.”

Andreas Seidl, team leader, McLaren

Photo by Steven Tee / Pictures of motorsport

Seidl is particularly wary of teams that share facilities such as wind farms: “Things like infrastructure sharing should be banned, because there are many things that cannot be properly controlled.

“And things you can’t control properly, you should ban, because then it’s clear to you, and then you avoid discussing what’s going on there, what’s going on there. It’s just clean.”

Seidl remains convinced that the FIA ​​can successfully oversee F1 financial regulations and thus ensure that there is no unfair cooperation between partner teams.

“Obviously it’s a constant dialogue, because we’re going through those constant revisions and so on,” he said.

“And the feedback is going in both directions, which we really appreciate. And I think the FIA ​​is doing a great job in starting and running.

“And I have full confidence that we actually have a good system in place. It is also clear that now, at the beginning of this new era, a lot of clarification and a lot of dialogue is needed, so that you have the same understanding everywhere and in every team.

“Because obviously the schedules also differ between different teams, and in order to find fair solutions in the end, on the pitlane. But we are very pleased, to be honest, with how it goes. “

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