‘Should be in Russell mode in T20s’: Shastri’s big tip for Indian star | Cricket

Delhi Capitals has its own Indian Premier League 2022 (IPL) season hangs in the balance. In addition to winning the last three games, they need several other factors to go their own way in trying to get into the playoffs. And for Delhi to make a turnaround in the last three matches, former India head coach Ravi Shastri believes Delhi captain Rishabh Pant must avoid all weapons. Shastri was Pant to bat in all of “Russell mode” who also advised him to hit No. 3 for the Capitals in the remaining games. (Follow the full coverage of IPL 2022)

In 10 changes this season, Pant has scored 281 runs with a goal rate of 152.7, the best since the 2019 season when he scored 162.7 goals. In eight of those matches, Pant scored 20 and scored more than 145 goals in at least seven of those changes, but failed to turn any of his beginnings.

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“I feel that when it starts at a pace that it shouldn’t change, it should be in play [Andre] Russell is shaping up in this game format, “Shastri told ESPNcricinfo’s T20 Time Out. No matter who the bowler is, if he’s there to hit him, hit him. Who knows, you might get more matches than people expect from you. “

The former Indian all-rounder then pointed out that clarity of thought singled out Russell’s kick, making him one of the most devastating players in T20 cricket.

“Russell is very, very clear in his thinking. It’s bang-bang-bang when he’s in the mood. There’s no stopping him, there’s not even a negative thought to peek through his system – it’s [all about] mackanje. Rishabh is fully capable of playing that way, and I hope he thinks that way because you will see some of his special innings in T20 cricket. “

In his early years in the IPL, Pant emulated the same for Delhi, scoring 1,172 runs from 30 shifts during the 2018 and 2019 seasons, a hit rate of nearly 170 and an average of 45 with nine and fifty or more strokes. Pant announced in 2018 as the destructive hitter of the T20 with its sensational form which later led to comparisons of Dhoni and debuts in India.

However, since he was given captaincy responsibility, the burden has affected his strike rate. Last season, he managed to achieve 419 runs with an attack rate of 128.5.

“I would love to see him hit in three for the Delhi Capitals, especially now that it’s hot, when they have to win. Let him go and hit,” Shastri concluded.


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