Steph Curry, the ‘championship DNA’ carries the Warriors to an emotional victory in Game 4

SAN FRANCISCO – A 2-1 increase over three games, Game 4 was an opportunity for the Warriors to take control of the series, to remind the young Grizzlies that they are not quite ready for the rapidly deepening waters after the season.

And for 47 minutes on Monday night, the Warriors struggled almost helplessly, struggling with emotion, unable to stay afloat long enough to take any lead.

Finally, 14.3 seconds in the 48th and final minute, Stephen Curry scored two free throws, giving the Warriors a 94-93 lead. The crowd of sold-out players (18,064) at Chase Center responded as if another free throw was buzzing.

With 25.9 seconds on the clock, Curry drew two more free throws for a 96-93 lead, then dropped four more free throws in the final 19.5 seconds and secured a 101-98 win that gives the Warriors a 3-1 lead. in the best -of the seven semifinals of the Western Conference as he returns to Memphis on Wednesday for Game 5.

“When you enter the fourth quarter without an attacking course and you’re still within three or four possessions since returning, it seems. . . there is some motivation behind it, ”Curry said. “We have been here before and we know how to play games like this, whether it happens or not. It’s just about how you approach it, and we did it. “

Credits, perhaps, are a term Curry often uses to describe the history he has with his fellow member of the three-ring Golden State club: Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Andre Iguodal.

“DNA Championship.”

That could be what allowed the Warriors to get over the loss of last-minute coach Steve Kerr, who was positive on Covid-19 and entered health and safety protocols. Assistant coach Mike Brown was the acting head coach.

That DNA certainly helped them overcome the sadness that pervaded the locker room after the news that Adreian Payne, a close friend of Draymond Green – they were teammates in Michigan – was shot and killed early Monday morning in Florida.

“It was a tough night for us,” Brown said. “But at this point in the year, you’re winning matches. It doesn’t matter how you get there. You win the games, and we found a way to win tonight, so I’m excited. “

Because this was a game that was almost wasted as Curry and most of his teammates broke through the depths of the way to lose. Changes, especially in the first half, came in heaps. Shots, many of which were open, often found ways to avoid falling through the edge. The Warriors entered the fourth quarter silent 35.6 percent from the field, 17.2 percent from the depths. Truly aberrant offensive basketball.

Curry hit 6-of-18 from the field during the first 40 minutes, including 2-of-10 from depth, with three turnovers. Thompson was a total of 5-of-18, 0-of-7 from deep and minus-11 in 29 minutes through three quarters.

Although Curry for most of the night hit seemed to have a blindfold over his eyes, he was perfect off the line at the time of the win, wasting all eight of his free throws to secure the cushion he was holding.

I hate to say, but I don’t know if he has a great memory, which is fantastic, Brown said. “You need that in his position because he missed the punches he can make in his sleep. Since he doesn’t think about it, or thinks about the past or dwell too much on it, he always thinks the next thing will happen in a positive way for him, whether it’s a punch made, or the right pass to assist or cut it at the right time to reach the bucket. And he’s always so confident because he’s constantly thinking about the next game. “

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Curry finished with a record 32 points, 18 of which came after the Warriors erased 12 points in the fourth quarter. While Green led the defense, the Grizzlies shot 2-of-8 over the final 2:57.

“Just don’t let the first three quarters affect the fact that we still have a chance to win,” Curry said. “Shoot shots you think you can make, play aggressively, take care of the ball. We did all these things. “

The defense, rebounds, and questionable hit selection in Memphis kept the Warriors close enough to continue to believe.

Curry’s effectiveness when it’s most important and experience in dealing with danger took them home.

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