What the F1 race looked like in person

Photography: CHANDAN KHANNA / AFP (Getty Images) Again-again-off-again Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix he finally had his first screening earlier this month, and despite numerous hiccups and worries along the way, he was successful in planning the event. I was lucky to attendand I’m here to answer a few questions about what, logistically, it’s like … Read more

2022. F1 Monaco GP: overview and forecasts

How the F1 circus reaches the “crown jewel of F1”, GP Monacoit seems that fans have yet to get over the Barcelona hangover (how often we used that statement for GP of Spain in the past?). This time, for the first time this season, we have Max Verstappen leading the championship from Charles Leclerc. He … Read more

F1 news: Mercedes is ‘the way Ferrari was last year’, says Mattia Binotto

after Mercedes impressive return code Grand Prix of Spain, Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto compared their season to last year’s Ferrari. Prancing Horse started the 2021 season on its hind legs and managed to pick up performance after the first few races. Although the team was not in the fight for the world title, it … Read more

Weekend summary of Formula Regional and Formula 4

Regional Americas Championship Powered by Honda & Formula 4 US Powered by Honda “After a successful season premiere, the Formula Regional Americas Championship Powered by Honda and the Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda have moved to Road America for the 2nd round of their six-round season. The weekend marked the third visit … Read more

2022 F1 Spanish GP: winners and losers

The 2022 Spanish GP edition is now over and we have Max Verstappen and Red Bull celebrating a climb to the top of the rankings. The race left almost everything fulfilled as some drivers were able to give a great score in front of the Spanish audience. Others, however, had a rather disappointing conclusion to … Read more

Sainz admits he admires Leclerc ‘s form amid his own 2022 fight with Ferrari.

Carlos Sainz admits that the Ferrari in 2022 is harder for him to drive than Charles Leclerc and admires how well his teammate behaves in it. Leclerc has taken four pole positions this season and won twice, with a third win slipping through his fingers when he was forced to step down from the lead … Read more

Max Verstappen’s DRS failure could have been caused by a reduction in Red Bull’s weight

Max Verstappen DRS difficulties during the Spanish Grand Prix F1 2022 could have been caused by a reduction in the weight of the Red Bull RB18, it is considered Sky Sports F1 expert Ted Kravitz. The Dutchman remained frustrated for most of the race at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya after a faulty DRS mechanism threatened … Read more

Red Bull believes that Sergio Perez did not understand the different strategies during the Spanish F1 2022 GP

Sergio Perez could not understand the different tire strategies implemented by Red Bull during the Spanish F1 2022 GP, according to team adviser Dr Helmut Mark. The 32-year-old was furious during the race at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya after repeatedly having to play a second violin to his teammate Max Verstappen. After the race, he … Read more

Sergio Perez must realize that the second Red Bull driver is behind Max Verstappen, who feels like an expert in F1.

Sergio Perez he has to come to terms with the fact that he is the second driver in Red Bull behind Max Verstappenaccording to Sky Sports F1 analyst Ted Kravitz. The Mexican remained quite frustrated during 2022 F1 GP Spain after Red Bull favored their teammate Verstappen when Perez felt he was faster than the … Read more

“One of the toughest races I’ve ever ridden”

Land Norris he put together a heroic performance at the Spanish Grand Prix while battling tonsillitis over the weekend to secure 8th place in the race. The McLaren the driver’s discomfort was visible throughout the weekend as he was seen vomiting even before the start of the race. Despite this, he produced a steady run … Read more