Yastika Bhatia, Sneh Rana help India survive after beating Bangladesh in a clash that must be won

India striker Yastika Bhatia has been named the player of the match for half a century, while Sneh Rana has picked up 4 gates | Photo: BCCI Women India’s women’s national team beat Bangladesh with 110 sets in a game that must be won to secure its third win in six matches here at Seddon … Read more

2022 Women’s World Cup scenarios: India goes hand in hand with Pakistan

Pakistan broke its 18-round World Cup defeat on Monday as it stunned the West Indies with eight gates in a rainless game. It was Pakistan’s first World Cup victory since 2009, which was also against the same opponent. With this victory, Pakistan has done an almighty service to India, which has been revived, and after … Read more