Tamie Smith is the finisher with the highest spot in the U.S. in badminton with the top 10 results

May 08, 2022

Tamie Smith is the finisher with the highest spot in the U.S. in badminton with the top 10 results

Tamie Smith and Mai Baum. EMS photography.

Laura Collett was the first in the British one-two-three badminton race since 2002 and imitated her heroine Pippa Funnell, the winner of that year, adding just 0.4 time errors in hurdle riding to her leading dressage score of 21.

The 32-year-old, who co-owns her London 52 badminton champion (Landos x Vernante) with Keith Scott and Karen Bartlett, has had a high profile in the sport since her teenage days. She won several medals at the European Under-21 Championships and was obviously extremely talented, but some bad falls and twists of luck made the next decade not an easy period.

However, in the last year and a half Collett has won her first CCI5 * in Pau, France, her first senior medal as part of the British national team’s gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, and now the first British CCI5 * at Badminton, all at 13- annual Holsteiner castrated London 52.

“I have no words,” Collett said very emotionally after her clear round of skipping. “That horse is amazing. He jumped on his socks. I couldn’t see the distance anywhere, and he just walked more and more. He’s a superstar and I’m so happy.

“This is my childhood dream. I remember coming here with three years on my aunt’s shoulder and I remember seeing Pippa Funnell win [that 2002 Badminton] and I’ve always wanted to be Pippa Funnell winning badminton. I can’t believe I’m winning badminton now. “

Ros Canter has an extremely exciting prospect in runner-up, Michele Saul’s British Sport Horse gelding Lordships Graffalo (Grafenstolz x Cornish Queen) who, at just 10 years old, has now taken over the 2018 World Equestrian Team and singles Allstar B gold medalist Ephebe For Ever x Narenca B) on top of her wire.

And Oliver Townend, third on 14-year-old Irish Sport Horse castrate Swallow Springs Paula and Diane Ridgeon (Chillout x Killila) and fifth on Karyn Shuter, Angal Hislop and Val Rynini 15-year-old Irish Sport Horse castrate Ballaghmor Class (Courage II x Kilderry Place ) with one rail down a piece, will surely stay on its world number one for a while after two more excellent five-star goals.

Ninth place Tamie Smith over Alexandra and Ellen Ahern and 16-year-old German sporting horse neuter Eric Markel Mai Baum (Loredano 2 x Ramira) means joining Lauren Nicholson in achieving the American badminton rider’s best goal since 2008. showjumping clear was one of only four at Badminton today with no jumping or weather errors and must seriously step up her campaign for a place on the U.S. World Cup team in Italy.

“You don’t know what to expect after they’ve made a big one [cross-country] songs, ”Smith shared,“ but I’m so proud of him. The crowd lifted him up and lifted him over those fences. ”

Smith and Irishman Austin O’Connor, eighth on 13-year-old British sporting horse Colorado Blue (Jaguar Mail x Rock Me Baby), were eighth on The Salty Syndicate, the only two non-British competitors in the final top 10.

Ariel Grald and Anne Elridge 13-year-old Irish sports castrate Leamore Master Plan (Master Imp IHR x Ardragh Bash) entered the next set of finishers, but in 15th place, with a clean jump and only 0.4 times – a breakdown.

Master plan by Ariel Grald and Leamore. EMS photography.

“I was so happy with him,” Grald said. “He is very reliable on the last day. He’s a really good jumper and he works hard, so it’s almost a little more nerve-wracking because I know the only way to go wrong is if I mess up! He was there with me and he felt amazing out of the country. It was actually a pleasant round! For those 2/10 seconds, I only pulled the green ocher at nine, but I couldn’t be happier as he jumped. “

She looked back on her first badminton experience, saying, “The week was amazing. I am constantly going to new places where neither my horse nor I have ever been before, and I am still learning. I knew he would probably feel a bit like Burghley, but it’s just so much more intense here; the crowds are much more in your face. Even hacking up and down to the stables, you’ve always been in the thick of it, from day one, and my horse noticed it, but we’ve both gained so much experience and mileage since coming here. I have to figure out how to get a better dressage test from him because he’s inside. ”

Philip Dutton admitted that he was “very disappointed” that he had two jumps on the 14-year-old neutered Zangersheide Z Partnership Z (Asca x Bellabouche), although, given the impact of the technical, difficult track, they only fell one spot from 24 to 25

Phillip Dutton and Z. EMS photography

Will Faudree blamed himself for 11-year-old Hannoverian Jennifer Mosing and Sterling Silver Stables dropping Mama’s Magic Way (Mighty Magic x Straightaway) two poles, explaining, “He was very excited to warm up. He acted like he didn’t do anything yesterday and when we entered the ring, they whistled faster than I expected. I wanted to take a walk [to settle], so I did and then I was probably in too much of a hurry. That’s when I got to the first jump and felt like he wasn’t looking at it at all, just at the audience. He was so happy that people were here to watch him.

“He jumped great, and then I had a 7b drop. He jumped in great, and I tried to micro-manage, instead of letting him do what he does best, so I have to take some of the blame for both. He’s a great horse, a horse with a future, and he’s going to grow up a lot this week.

Will Faudree and Mama’s Magic Way. EMS photography.

“He has so much talent and ability. I’ve ridden a lot of phenomenal horses in my life, but he’s one of the most beautiful horses I’ve ever ridden, and I’ll do everything in my power to be in the winner’s circle the next time I come here because he has the ability to do it – I really like it showed this week.

“Now he’s got three five stars; I have to fix the first and last phase and I will really work on that this summer and autumn because the cross country is here. ”

With eight penalties in the jump, Faudree also picked up 0.4 errors, leaving his 58th in 31st place.

Dom Schramm and team Bolytair B, LLC, 16-year-old Dutch warm-blooded Karan Bolytair B (Polytair x Nobelle) also fell twice and collected 0.4 times for 49th place, while Emily Hamel and Black Flag Option, LLC 15-year-old the Holstein castrate Corvett (Corrido x Tina XII) hit one jump and picked up 1.2 time penalties for 52nd place.

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