Technology chief Haas doesn’t care about the rival’s F1 controversy

The U.S.-owned team had a positive start to the 2022 campaign, with the VF-22 proving to be a candidate for Q3 and capable of fighting for points.

After a tough 2021 campaign, in which Haas was fixed at the back of the net thanks to abandoning any development of his old car, the team is encouraged by the progress it has made.

However, his success did not go well with all of his competitors, as some teams questioned whether Haas could potentially gain an advantage thanks to its ultra-close partnership with Ferrari.

But as the FIA ​​is fully satisfied that the Haas-Ferrari partnership is operating in accordance with regulations, Resta himself is adamant not to waste time worrying about what the opposition thinks.

“You know, honestly, I just care about my job, the job we do with the car, we try to improve it and we try to give a better car to the drivers,” he said.

“All of these things are on a different level from the one I’m working on right now. We know the rules we need to follow, we respect them and we’re moving forward. There’s not much to say.”

Resta says that while there are some design similarities between Haas and Ferrari, he thinks these are many design concepts on other cars that look the same elsewhere online.

“You can look at the photos and [you can see] a lot of cars with a lot of similarities, ”he explained.“ I think everyone just has to do a nice job and concentrate [on themselves].

“I guess for a team like ours, since he’s in the middle of the midfield, someone didn’t expect that. But, yeah, that’s life. We just push the performance and do a better job, and then the car will be there.”

Kevin Magnussen, Haas VF-22

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Pictures of motorsport

Resta is convinced that Haas can build on its strong start to the campaign and has the potential to unlock more performance than its 2022 challenger, although team boss Gunther Steiner is cautious about rushing to upgrade.

Asked if Steiner’s position on keeping the fire on development shares a bit, Resta said: “I can only agree with what Gunther says and I understand his position in the way that, yes, cars are so different from last year, tires are different, so there are a lot to learn.

“The porpoise was not expected the way it happened, so we have to understand it and there are a lot of things to learn.

“It’s also fair to say that the car, since it’s in its first year of new regulations, has a lot to unlock.

“When I say that, I think we also need to do something on the side of the car and improve it. Don’t rush, but, at the right time, move the car forward. I think there’s potential for that.”

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Although the team had a tough weekend in Australia, where it failed with the right lineup, Resta believes there isn’t much wrong with her car as he has won points in every other race.

“Drivers are generally happy with it. If nothing else, we’ll probably have to improve it a bit in high-speed sections if I compare it to the others, but in general the car works well in all conditions.

“We just need to keep working hard, bow our heads and try to improve race after race. I think we know the goals our team has set for us, so we need to do our best to make sure we can achieve them.”

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